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"Can't Break Up Here"
by Emmanuel Sigauke
2007-08-25 09:41:18
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You wait until we plunge
into this expensive dinner,
unfurl your discontent, your resentment
of the calls, the name even: the picture

of another whispering to me
twists the duct of your anger
and the corrosive spatter
is what we often have for dessert.
Not good, not good at all,
to numb our tongues with your insecurities
which should take a vacation
or visit us in another world, another time.

I would then look forward
to these trips where $40 or more a head
is the expectation, before we discuss drinks or starters;
Unrelenting, you slaughter the creature here;
then you say, when indigestion is all the taste I have left
of that special dinner, "Had I known you're this considerate,
this innocent and well-meaning, mature-about-it,
I wouldn't even have raised the issue.
I could have let us eat every shred of the bill,
waited until we calculated the tip."
Still, do you subscribe to the club of Break-ups
that Happen in High-bill Buffets, Restaurants?

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Paparella2007-08-24 15:41:42
Good poem! It reminds us all of our humanity: that we are made of body, mind and spirit and the three have to be kept in harmony. When we feed poison to body, mind or soul we get sick and become monsruosities.

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