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Hungary Report Hungary Report
by Euro Reporter
2007-07-23 09:17:20
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Koreans ate… Hungarian dogs!

Under different circumstances this would sound more like a joke than a report and unfortunately helps all kinds of prejudices and stereotypes. South Korea's Ambassador to Hungary Eom Seock-Jeong has called on a Hungarian animal rights group on Wednesday to provide evidence for their claim that Hungarian exports of dogs had provided ingredients for health diets in S Korea this summer.

In a letter to the activists, Seock-Jeong threatened "effective action" if the activists are unable to underpin their claims with facts. He added that very few countries choose to interfere with the cultural habits of other nations including their eating habits.

South Korea has also been attacked by other European organisations for its wide-spread custom of eating dog meat as part of "summer health diets." Hungary's dog exports to South Korea amounted to over 9,000 dollars last year, up by 3,000 dollars from 2005. However, there is no official information to the effect that the dogs were intended or used for human consumption.


Hungarian, Russian and Finnish leaders discuss Kosovo

Reading that you most likely think that the three countries are at least neighbour countries to poor Kosovo and somehow you can sense the Russian interest on the subject due the close ties with orthodox Serbia. You might even excuse Finland because of Matti Ahtisaari, but Hungary? Why has Hungary got involved?

Wait, I got it, it is because the only two nations that talk this jawbreaker Finno-Hungarian language are …Finland and Hungary and since it looks like Serbian and Kosovo leaders can find their way, the effort to understand the mediators might help and they will really have to join to understand what they say!

However, at the very same time the Hungarian prime minister travelled to Russia to attend the Finno-Ugric festival.


Drivers announce two-hour token strike

This old dog has to learn new tricks or at least use the old methods in new ways. The trade union of railway engine drivers will hold a two-hour token strike between 0600 and 0800 on Monday, July 23, the trade union's deputy leader said on Thursday.

Janos Borsik said the trade union had repeatedly warned the transport ministry and the national transport authority that current regulations do not ensure a safe employment of engine drivers and the railway companies regularly violate employment and professional rules.

The ministry plans to suspend several railway services despite protests from the public, he added. Negotiations between the engine drivers' trade union and the ministry representatives failed on June 28 and July 13.

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Paparella2007-07-22 12:03:07
Some historical additions: Hungary joined the EU in May 2004 but its history and traditions go back to King Stephen who was also a saint who approximately 1000 years ago converted the ancient Hungarians to Christianity providing a lasting framework for Hungarian culture. He advised his son that "Weak is a single-language country, so you should welcome the strangers." His son took the advice to heart and so some of the people who have settled in Hungary over several centuries are: French, Germans, Poles,Turks, Jews, Slovaks, Serbs, Romanians, the Roma. None of them have ever been regarded as unwelcome in Hungary. Indeed Hungary is an exemplary microcosm of the macrocosm that is the EU.

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