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And that was June 2007... And that was June 2007...
by The Ovi Team
2007-07-02 07:43:02
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Well, what did you make of that month? The world thought it was bidding farewell to Tony Blair, but within hours he was back in the headlines in his new job, and everybody in the Northern Hemisphere was patiently expecting the start of summer, but instead we are treated to floods and weather usually associated with monsoon season in the Indian Ocean.

It's another 30 days done, plus we are now halfway though 2007 – July 1st marks 182 gone and 183 to go – which begs the question: what else will happen during this year? Whatever happens, Ovi's team of dedicated contributors will be on-hand to provide their opinion and thoughts on all manner of subjects just as they have done over the past month and some of them will inspire a cover.

Among the inspirations in June was an article about gangs and the situation of British schools by Richard Berman and Clint Wayne vented his anger over the 2012 London Olympic logo. Jane Eagle turned her unique writing style to the subjects of Johnny Depp's disappointing change and the 90th birthday of American photographer Irving Penn, while Linda Lane shared her knowledge of web traffic in an article and her skills as a photographer in an exhibition.

Bohdan Yuri contributed a touching four-part fictional story and after a brief absence Amin George Forji returned with a report on Salman Rushdie's controversial knighthood. Jack Wellman triggered some debate by asking if Man really descended from apes and he brought the International Day of Support of Victims of Torture into the spotlight. World Humanism Day was covered by Jan Sand, who also managed a hat-trick of covers, with erotic Djo robots and superegos as the other two. We are also proud to welcome the team of writers from the Council for Restoration of Democracy in Burma, who made their front cover debut with an article about Aung San Suu Kyi's role in Burmese politics.

Asa's selection of cover stories was quite eclectic ranging from spying on the reproductive habits of sharks to the pointlessness of the Yellow Pages, terminator teddies to World Blood Donor Day. Quentin Tarantino's new film Death Proof was reviewed by Mr Butcher and on the 100th day of BBC reporter Alan Johnston's captivity he wrote about the situation.

The busiest man of the month with seven covers to his name was Thanos and it all began with his popular iBite. He had a few words to say about President George W. Bush's pessimistic mission and brought attention to the sad fact that 30,000 children die every day. Syria, Martti Ahtisaari's 70th birthday and a farewell to Mr Blair were also among his other contributions.

June was certainly a busy month with Ovi breaking through the 1,800 articles barrier, so stay with us throughout the (hopefully) hot month of July and join us in the countdown to 2,000 articles.

The Ovi Team


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Paparella2007-07-02 17:50:42
To the editors of Ovi magazine: the quality and intellectual vibrancy of a publication is measured by: 1) the serene championing of free speech, 2) the diversity of, and the tolerance for varied and diverse, even radically opposite, points of view, 3) the civilized discussion of those points of view which manages to disagree without becoming disagreeable, 4) the avoidance of a descent to ad hominem arguments confusing the messenger for the message, 5) the sustained and ongoing dialogue about those points of view, 6) the ability to listen carefully to the silence behind the words, 7) the effort to understand (not the same as agreeing with) and consider honestly and without bias those differing points of view, 8) the Aristotelian understanding that truth accrues to no individual, no matter how genial he may be; that it is achieved dialogically, at least within time and space, as a cumulative and even communal achievement and reached by varied routes within the unity of knowledge.

I have been on board for barely two months (May and June); assessing the magazine by the above mentioned standards, any objective reader would have to applaud the editors of this magazine for being, by and large, on the right track. Congratulations and keep up he good work!

Jack2007-08-11 21:32:26
My compliments to the professionalism, the open-air market of writers and their content and the free-flow of ideas and comments under the "Add Comment" section. Indeed, I sometimes find the comments more enlightening and entertaining than the actual article itself. It would be a boring world indeed if we all agreed with each other. Keep up the great work OVI, I am spreading the awareness of this awesome magazine to others. Thanks much!

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