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Goodbyes Goodbyes
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-06-27 09:52:04
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And don’t forget to leave all the spare keys! I was trying to imagine what Gordon Brown said to Tony Blair when they were talking about the change of the Prime Minister in Britain and I came with all sorts of ridiculous ideas!

Gordon Brown stands at the door of 10 Downing Street waving, while Tony is walking away with tears in his eyes! I’m really sorry but this is the most ridiculous moment of the British democracy and the only way to deal with it is by turning it into a joke. Otherwise things are scary! It is the worst embarrassment that the Labour Party has lived, yet they are responsible for this moment.

Since when does somebody become prime minister not because he/she was elected by the public, the base of the democracy, but they were chosen by the retiring prime minister? Tony Blair was the big hope to bring an end to the long-running Thatcherism; and he did so in the beginning of his first term as prime minister. New people, people with ideas, people who cared staffed the Labour government and brought a wind of hope.

Unfortunately that lasted only for a couple of years and then the first resignations came to show that what you see is not exactly what you get. The British health system was the first to suffer and emphasize the difference between rich and poor. Gradually else everything followed, including the education system and thousands of unfilled promises. Worst of all, Tony Blair went against everything the Labour party has represented for centuries. Stand and serve the people. The only one to whom Tony Blair served loyalty was George W. Bush!

The invasion of Iraq was the tombstone to everything he had said till then. The lies had gone so far to cost human lives. And he never apologized for leading a nation to a war for unsolved and untruth reasoning. During these years Tony Blair took care of another thing, the destruction of the Labour Party. Where there were voices that were still standing up to the values of Labour he silenced them, he shut them down replacing them with lackeys and yes-men just like Gordon Brown. And Gordon Brown was to be the last surprise Tony Blair sprung before leaving… or being forced to leave.

After the invasion of Iraq even his closest allies in the party he had transformed into sensed that there was no future with Tony Blair and action brought reaction, so he had to appoint a date to resign and in this part he decided to cheat democracy by appointing a successor, as if he was a monarch; he then forced his decision through his lackeys in the party.

Gordon Brown is the new British Prime Minister. A prime minister never elected for this position from the public, a prime minister who will use all the government and party mechanism to promote himself in advance of his opponents inside the party, the man who will finish the destruction of the Labour party and whatever else Tony Blair has left behind.

It is already on the news that a quartet of Middle East mediators from the EU, Russia, the UN and US has discussed the appointment of Tony Blair as special envoy for the region. That is scary at least. With his actions over the last few years the man has partly responsibility for what has happened in the Middle East and now he’s going to be a mediator? Tony Blair’s future looks like an enigma at the moment but Britain’s immediate future looks dark with Gordon Brown and the future of democracy looking even darker with cheats and tricks like that.

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Paparella2007-06-27 19:20:13
So now we have a selected President of the US and a selected Prime Minister of the UK. They will surely see eye to eye in spreading democracy around the world. This is not a joke, just a statement of fact, albeit with ironic and ridiculous overtones. Only a super-serious rationalist would miss those.

Paparella2007-06-27 19:34:24
The big issue now will be this: will Brown be a poodle or a bulldog?

Asa2007-06-27 21:31:02
Hours after Brown gets some headlines, Blair swoops in and steals them with the announcement of his Middle East role.


Clint2007-06-29 14:35:38
It's alright for you lot looking across the North Sea commenting on the departure of our glorious leader who has just taken a bigger farewell tour than Sinatra did but you ought to try living it. I think you may find President Blair would have prefered little Milliband to his old 'buddy'. As for Blair in the middle east it's like dracula being in charge of a blood bank but I'm all for trading him for Alan Johnston which would be humane to both the BBC reporter and the British Public just to keep his cheesy grin off our TV screens.

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