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The Final Freedoms: Implications, part two The Final Freedoms: Implications, part two
by R & M Landbeck
2007-06-03 11:20:27
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In the BBC sci-fi classic Dr. Who, his time travelling space ship Tardis, in the unlikely shape of an English police call box, against known physical laws, opens inside to a capacious space. Or consider the essence of chaos theory: that a small change can lead to huge and unpredictable consequences out of all proportion to the size of the originating event.

Both help describe The Final Freedoms, except this is neither science nor fiction, and even to call it religion defies every convention. The modest size of the manuscript belies its potential to impact all areas of human and cultural existence. As a catalyst for change it reaches the places political process can’t touch. And there probably isn’t an ‘ology’ that won’t be superseded by the greater insights that accompany those who share this new spiritual conception.

While this Divine Comedy is unfolding, however difficult it may be to imagine the broad implications of this change to the existing intellectual and moral paradigm, this article considers some repercussions and even greater possibilities.

Inevitably, when this revelation breaks free of the web into mainstream public discourse and debate, the three monotheisms are in deep trouble, but no less profound will be the impact on many secular streams of intellectual and scientific inquiry. For example, what future can there be for that theological bedfellow philosophy? They will find little comfort from the advent of this pre-eminent wisdom that surpasses and supersedes every hindsight, logic or morality philosophy ever pretended to.

Or consider modern neuroscience and their ‘holy grail’ of understanding human consciousness. Investigating this mystery and phenomena with all the technology at their disposal, they might have expected a result sooner or later, but instead are about to suffer considerable disappointment. The soul has always been an unspoken, ‘dirty’ word for those involved in this particular quest, understandably holding the same prejudices of other physical sciences against the potential for any spiritual explanation. But the FF when tested, is not only a proof of God, but a demonstration of the soul as an active reality and the very source for both conscience and consciousness; the necessary prerequisites for ethical cognition and making moral choices.

Psychology and its related ‘therapies’ will also have to endure the withdrawal symptoms of having it own raison d’etre pulled out from under its feet. This attempt to understand both the mental, emotional and behavioural processes of the mind has always been suspect and probably only survived as long as it has because of the very real need to increase understanding of the human condition. With the FF that understanding is completed. And psychology, without ever knowing the soul, its function or interface with reason is not only redundant, but exposed as little more that pseudo science with pretensions on par with theology.

Nor does mainstream medical science escape the reach of this revelation. As the high price of high tech treatments and the exploitation by pharmaceutical companies putting basic health care out side the reach of so many, the FF is indeed a God send. Part of the ‘inheritance’ for those who come to share in this new revelation is an enhanced immune system capable of resolving not only current conditions but putting the individual outside the reach of every cancer, debilitating and degenerative illness. There is simply no better preventive ‘medicine’ nor health insurance for those who choose the protection of living under the wisdom of this covenant.

That most ethereal of secular scientific speculation, Cosmology, can call it a day. And while this revelation concedes legitimate ground to evolutionary theory, that’s simply not the whole story. Militant, atheist followers of Darwin would have done better to confine their attacks on religion to the institutional forms and claims, rather that pretending, like the religious to ultimate knowledge.

Those seeking greater social and economic justice should take note. Economic ‘progress’, particularly under capitalism has always developed heavily in favour of those who have, against and exploiting those have-nots. Those tables are now turned.

Market forces are about to collide head on with a greater moral reality coming from the opposite direction. And when the dust finally settles, a new economics will rise; the great divides existing between rich and poor will begin levelling along more equitable lines of common good. And any one on some magazine or newspaper rich list will find their accumulated vanity counts for naught.

Anyone who has studied the FF and particularly those who have already confirmed its teaching, know this new covenant is founded upon a change in human sexual conduct and forms the basis of new individual ethical and moral development. This marks the beginning of the end to all sexual exploitation and disfunction. The most intractable contemporary concerns of abortion, contraception, paedophilia, pornography, rape and all other sexual crimes are resolved by the remedy to that first crime against ones Creator, the correction to human nature and change in male sexual response. For women as for men, this alters the entire ‘chemistry’ and dynamics of human relationship. Under this covenant, marriage is immeasurably strengthened and domestic violence not even plausible. For a woman within this new marriage, there is no greater liberation.

Environmentalists ever hoping to save what’s left of a once unspoilt and beautiful planet should sink their roots deep into this teaching. Whatever their aspirations, an ecologically sound and sustainable future was never going to be possible under the paradigm of a human nature whose moral perceptions are dominated by materialism, a political process unprepared nor designed to define the changes necessary and the limitations of scientific knowledge itself.

Again, this covenant turns that reality around 180 degrees; first by its authority, second by creating within the mind a new dominant spiritual-ethical value in command of the material and third by providing the additional insights necessary to fully comprehend the natural order, making all future culture development both sustainable and deep green.

And for antiwar activists is the key to ending war, conflict and terrorism. With this revelation you can insure the absolute accountability towards those who threaten violence and make war, whoever and where-ever without distinction. What greater protest or demonstration is possible than one that speaks directly to the consciousness of every human being with a message to make peace or face consequences one dare not even imagine. Thus there is no non violent direct action nor accountability more potent than confirming this new covenant. The ‘Peace Train’ is at the station and taking on passengers, ‘there will be no more training for war’.

And what is left for politics? Even among the ‘advanced’ western democracies, it is often said by those reflecting upon the limitations of this system, that democracy is only the best of a bad lot that history has evolved. And however its founders tried, with ingenious checks and balances, to limit the corrupting potential of power and wealth, at both an individual, corporate and institutional level, history is witness to its limited success.

Now, upon the new moral foundations of the FF the Way opens for mankind reach out and secure the highest cultural aspirations of a truly just society. And Justice, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness take on a wholly different meaning.

At the risk of sounding too prophetic, the prospects for an approaching future are best expressed in the lines of a song by Bob Dylan:

The line it is drawn, the curse it is cast
The slow one new will later be fast
As the present now will later be past
the order is rapidly fadin.
And the first ones now will later be last
For the times they are a-changin.


Click here to download The Final Freedoms PDF
For more info: www.energon.uklinux.net

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Paparella2007-06-03 16:11:03
What immediately attracted me to read the article was the icon of Dante’s “Divine Comedy” and its mention in the introduction. When Dante wrote his epic poem he also was proposing a new (but really a novantiqua) moral paradigm. What is intriguing to me is that those visionaries that propose a new paradigm always borrow their symbols from the mythology of the culture in which they live. For example, in the 19th century it was the myth of history that was prevalent, hence an Hegel and a Marx could be expected to appear on the stage; in the 20th century is it the myth of science and rationality and technology as a fix-all to all human problems eventually explaining every conceivable natural conundrum. An impossibility really since, as Vico has well taught us, Man can only explain 100% what he himself has made and he certainly did not make nature and not even himself.
The point of it all is that even when science and technology is employed to tell the story of one's era, (what goes by the name of science fiction), imagination, symbols and myths galore always complement the pure reason of science, in as much as the work is a work of the human imagination. A nephew of mine once told me he hated history. I asked him why and he answered that he couldn’t care less about past events and dead peoplel he found the exercise extremely boring. I then patiently proposed and explained to him that history is an ongoing process, that he was very much part of it and he did not necessarily need to dig up dry boring documents, which in case are always selective, to bring it back to life. All he needed was his imagination. I could see from his astonished look that such was a novel revelation to him. I’d like to think that I changed his view of history, or better the misguided rationalistic view of it served to him in school.

Sand2007-06-04 09:51:14
The adoration of the irrational is one of the most blatant forms of insanity I have yet come across.

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