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Molly Pfeffer (Holocaust Survivor) Molly Pfeffer (Holocaust Survivor)
by Saloni Kaul
2019-07-12 09:11:42
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Life couldn’t have been less eventful in Murrumbeena.

After what she’d lived through who’d want events!

holoc01_400A comfortable spic 'n' span house,
The annual voyage to Switzerland in June
 to escape the worst of the Melbourne winter

And the occasional dinner evening with young friends like us
at the same old faded-chintz Chinese place
Were all she asked for !

Haunted by the holocaust this survivor lived.

“You ought to stick to that old car of yours,”
I would say to her.
 “Even with all its complicated gears! ”

For everytime she’d board a Melbourne tram,
she’d meticulously comb the length of it
and then walk equally slowly back,
a lingering gaze taking in each form,

Looking for longlost familiar faces
Even after all these many years !

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