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Interactive Writing: Pro/con lists
by Jane Eagle
2007-05-28 09:38:48
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Asa: Are pro/con lists a pro or a con to society?

- You have to choose, dear. You can’t date two guys.

- But I hit it off with BOTH of them so beautifully, they’re BOTH so wonderful, oh Mummy, sniff and sniff, I want them BOTH…

- OK, here’s what we’re gonna do. Give me a pen and some paper. Great, now… on the left side you’ll write A’s pro & cons and on the right side B’s. How’s that? Quite effective I think, right honey?

- Wooouuaaa…!

- Jeez! Shut up!

Pro/con lists, such as the one taking place above, have been a trivial phenomenon in society since forever. It can be an easy way to clean up the mess happening in your head because you simply formulate con and pro imaginable columns, in order to categorize thoughts and syllogisms that confuse you as they whirl through your head with no supervision.

I have already commented that Asa’s question is really tricky and I don’t think I can come up with a decent answer. I’m just typing right now unable to decide whether these lists are a pro or a con to society. Come to think of it, they’re just a mental function of each person/member of a society. So, I believe I could give my opinion on pro/con list use by individuals.

Holy doodoo! Burned my tongue, burned my tongue! What a huge con tea’s hotness is; plus the season totally calls for ice drinks… ouch it stings, poor frivolous me… From the viewpoint of rationality I should probably count pro/con lists as a pro: Balancing each potential action, weighing the positive or negative impact, comparing pros and cons is very essential in the process of decision making. But then again I couldn’t totally go for it.

As I may have mentioned before I’m so romantic and pink that, in matters of love, trust, and sentiments in general, I tend to ignore pro/con lists as if they were some really teeny tiny country in Asia. In a relationship, for example, I’ll just follow my heart (love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime - I make you teary, don’t I, hehe?) even if the guy sucks in truth (what is truth anyway?); let’s say sucks as far as mainstream standards are concerned. I guess many other impulsive persons act the same too – no lists, just human (and sometimes animal) instincts.

Yet what happens when we’re willing to make the pro/con list and, at the time, we complete it not so willing to adopt the results? Do we make (either consciously or unconsciously) another pro/con list inside our head which sets the previous one on the right side, the baaad side? Oh shoot, that seems to be rather complicated; perhaps aliens think like that, hahaha. In which case I suppose people have to choose between heart and brains, rationality and sentimental ground-instinct. Our heart (also known as mother of the Arts and father of Big Mistakes) doesn’t function based on pro/con lists but forms assumptions based on pros or cons separately – she lacks in configuring both advantages and disadvantages.

When you feel struggle inside (diagnosis: the heart happens to conflict with your common sense sometimes, did I mention that they’re husband and wife?) either you choose - such a cool verb, don’t you think, so powerful – from among the two, either you follow the solution in the middle (you may also find Malcolm there, tell him I’m looking for him), that sounds kinda like “ahmmmm, so and so…” So? Do you follow your head? Do you follow your heart? Hey! Follow REO Speedwagon:

Follow my heart

I saw you at midnight, in a dream that I had.
From nowhere, you stood there, and you seemed so sad.
And a vicious decision is drivin me mad.
Should I follow my head, or follow my heart?

You were different, indifferent, unbelievably cool.
I approached you, to show you, that I’m nobody’s fool.
And an error, caused terror, as I sensed your dare.
Should I follow my head, or follow my heart?

Should I follow my head, or follow my heart?
You’ve got the lead, baby I’ve got a start.
Should I follow my head?
Should I follow my heart?
Should I follow my head, or my heart?
Follow my heart.

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LL2007-05-29 00:49:14
who says you can't date two guys and why not?

Jane E.2007-05-29 02:04:26
It was just an example of a dilemma. The presence of a mother indicates the other person is a little girl. In my opinion, very young persons can't handle two (or more) separate dating-partners in their lives.

Don't misconceive me... I don't criticize people who multiple date as long as their dates are aware about the multiple thing. Otherwise it's totally dishonest.

Jane E.2007-05-29 02:05:45
Oops... *aware of

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