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Maybelle's Political Thesis Statement About Constitutional Attitudes and Perspectives Maybelle's Political Thesis Statement About Constitutional Attitudes and Perspectives
by Leah Sellers
2019-06-18 08:34:37
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“Maybelle, are you working on that Thesis Paper for your History Class yet,” Maybelle’s Mama called out down the hallway leading to Maybelle’s bedroom ?

“Yes, Mama, I think that I have finally found my Thesis Statement,” a clear Voice answered back down that same hallway.

“Good. It’s about time. Procrastination is not an Attribute that Serve’s anyone well, Maybelle. And I want you to keep your grades up,” Maybelle’s Mama replied as she walked back to the Kitchen drying the previously washed plate with her hand towel, and returning it to its proper place in the Kitchen Cabinet.

constit01_400Maybelle entered the Kitchen carrying her Notebook in hand. “Mama, do you have time to talk with me for a bit about my Thesis Statement before I get started on the writing of it ?”

Maybelle’s Mama dried her hands on her Kitchen towel, and smiling said, “Let’s have a sit, and you tell me all about the direction of your Paper.”

“Well, after reading everything my Library Books had to say about the Constitution, I decided to open up my Bible and check out a few things,” Maybelle said offhandedly.

“Maybelle, I don’t think that Mr. Radcliff will take too kindly to that. The Public Schools work hard at honoring all Religious Traditions by keeping specifically Religious teachings out of the Classrooms,” Maybelle’s Mama said seriously.

“But Mama, that’s impossible, because Spiritual Beliefs, Ethical and Moral Beliefs, are carried inside our very Attitudes and Perspectives about Everything. No matter what Religion you are or how Agnostic you are or Atheistic you are.”

Maybelle’s Mama considered her Daughter’s Thoughts on the matter, and decided to query further with as Open a Mind as her Evangelical background would allow. “Alright, go on, and we‘ll just see how much Respect you have for the Separation of Church and State.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Maybelle said brightly. “Mama, you and Preacher are always saying, in one way or another, that Christ was the Great Healer. That He was all about Outreach and Inclusion of EveryOne, no matter what. That He believed that Folks could Redeem and Resurrect themselves on a dime once they Saw and Admitted to the Wrong-headedness of their Ways of Doing things, and Being in the World, and BeCome totally New and Better Creatures and Stewards of the World.”

“That Christ was all about EveryBody bringing in EveryOne else to Nurture, Protect and Sustain One another Equally, and it seems to me that all of those basic Attitudes and Perspectives are the very Principles Our American Constitution are based upon. And they were Attitudes and Perspectives that fundamentally Made America the Great Nation She BeCame.”

“Christ taught Us All to Treat One Another with Mutual Respect, Dignity and Care. He told us to Love One another as We would Want and Need to Be Loved. And to Treat One another as We would Want and Need to Be Treated.” Maybelle said emphatically.

“Mama, it seems to me that Christ was all about Equal Rights for Everybody !  And that, Mama, is what made Christ dangerous to Authoritarian Governments and Leaders, and eventually led to His Crucifixion on the Cross. They had to try and Criminalize and De-Moralize and Ruin Him in the Eyes of EveryOne else so that the Leaders of the Jews and the Romans could murder Him - get rid of Him - and His Teachings which were very dangerous to the very foundations of the created Power Realities put into existence all over the World.”

“Christ’s Teachings were all about Self and Other Mutual EmPowerment and Healing, not Power through Oppression, Suppression and Regression. Not Power through the Hateful vilification, Enslavement or murder of Others just because they are Different from You or your Territorial Culture.”

“Yes, Maybelle, I agree with what you are saying so far, but what does this have to do with your Thesis Statement ?” Maybelle’s Mama asked poignantly.

“Mama, Christ’s Ideology was Socialistically Democratic in its very Nature, and I think that America’s ForeFathers and ForeMothers Saw and Understood that,” Maybelle answered.

“Mama, Capitalism, no matter what Governmental structure it is used in, can be a Benevolent and Creatively Helpful Force for EveryOne or it can be a Malignant and Destructively Punishing Force for the Many so that only a Few actually Live Well and Do Well.”

“Mama, I believe that America’s Capitalistic Economy has BeCome Malignant, and that Trump is a Symptom of that Malignancy.”

“And so some Suffering Folks who got mad and fed up with nothing working out well for them, because the Economy is now rigged and set up for that to happen at broader levels due to the Malignantly Self-Serving Few, elected Him to the be Boss over the very Malignancy He has materially prospered from, as He grew more and more Corrupt from His Corrupt and Corrupting Ways, and Means to those Ways.”

“They made Him King of a Malignant and Dis-eased Economical Set-Up, because this Trickle Down, Golden Showers on those Poor, Pitiful Others down the ever broadening Pyramid is just a gigantic Ponzi Scheme that we sometimes put Folks in Prison for, when they are caught re-creating it at smaller or lower levels, because they, themselves are trying to break Free of it, by BeComing it. What ignorant Hypocrites we have all Become, Mama. It’s very Dis-Heartening,” Maybelle said shaking her head sadly.

“And Mama, Christ did not tell us to Hate, Vilify, Murder or Oppress, Suppress or Regress Gays, or Blacks, or Native Americans, or Hispanics, or Asians, or Immigrants, or Eskimos, or Wolves, or Elephants, or Pigs or Venus Fly Traps, or anything else for that matter.”

“Christ taught Love and Assimilation that UpLifts and Sustains EveryOne and EveryThing. He taught us to Work to Be Positive Life Forces not Destroyers of Folks we Choose to See as Others or Things We Choose to Use and Abuse.”

“Christ challenged Dark Energies and Ideologies, and that’s what made Him dangerous to the Folks in so-called Material Power who liked and benefited mightily from the Reality EveryOne had Chosen to participate in. So much so, that they didn’t even See that they could Choose to Change that Reality for Other more Ingenious and Positive Realities for EveryOne and the Earth that would make EveryThing better for
Everybody !”

“Mama, Christ was a Carpenter’s Son and God’s Son. Both Fathers were Creators and Builders. Joseph was probably Middle Class, but he was a member of a Subservient Class of Folks, the Jews, within and under Roman Law and Authority who worked hard to keep most Folks in the Middle East in check through a handful of Chosen Others that they made, and allowed to Be, Rich and Powerful to help them fool, placate and keep the Chosen Others under all of their Oppressive, Suppressive and Regressive Heavy Thumbs.”

“Roman Law was UnJustly used to murder Christ, and shut Him up, because of the Political Clout of the ruling Jewish Pharisees and Other in so-called People in Power, who were sick and tired of Christ’s growing Popularity and Power over the general Populace.”

“They could not afford to have Christ’s message of Love and Equal Treatment for One and All in All Things - All Things, Mama, continuing to make folks Stop and Think about how they could Change the Reality that had been Built around them to Live, Struggle and Suffer within by a Random Few.”

“But then Christ’s Spiritual Life Force Arose like a blazing Phoenix. Stories - powerful Life Giving and Affirming Stories of It inflamed the Hearts, Minds and Souls of a myriad of Peoples, and His Works and Ideology Lived on through and within them, and wrought both fast and slow moving Changes wherever they were Shared all around the World !”

“Christ could not be Censored, or EnSlaved, or Silenced, or Murdered, or Malignantly Controlled Mama ! He was a Change-Agent ! An Alchemical Free Radical ! He Arose and Transformed the World and so can We
All !” Maybelle said confidently and joyously.

So, you see, Mama, Everything is infused with our Attitudes and Perspectives. They are the very Essence of what Energizes our Reality Formations. That’s why it is so important that we really Critically Analyze what, how and why we Think and Feel the way we do about things.”

“And the Folks who Created Our American Constitution were filled with Christ-like Attitudes and Perspectives, even if they didn’t always live them out fully in their own personal lives all of the time. The Freeing and Benevolent Basics were there inside of them All, and BeCame the Foundation of all of the Ideas laid down in our Great Constitution. Right there to help Guide All of Us toward a Better Life and a Better Way of Governing OurSelves. All for One and One for All ! A Very Christ-ilike Attitude and Perspective to Live by and Live within, if you ask me !”

“Well, Baby, even if that Thesis Statement and Paper get you into trouble with Mr. Radcliff and the School, it is a Story of Ideas certainly worth the Telling and Pondering of, and I‘ll back you up in whatever ways are called for,” Maybelle’s Mama said sincerely.

“Thank you, Mama, “ Maybelle said as she sprang from her chair and headed back toward the computer on the desk within her bedroom. “And I’m adding a whole lot of quotes and footnotes to my Thesis Statement and Paper, too !”

“As well you should, Maybelle. As well you should,” Maybelle’s Mama said as she Thoughtfully returned to the Kitchen sink to finish washing the dinner dishes.

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