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We Are Better than Symptomatic Trumpianism ! We Are Better than Symptomatic Trumpianism !
by Leah Sellers
2019-06-02 10:12:45
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Yes, We the Peoples of the World are Better Than Symptomatic Trumpianism !

Greed, in all of its insidiously devastating Corruptible and Corrosive Forms.

Tyrannical, Self-Serving Brutality in all of its Obliteratingly Explosive and Destructively Soul and Life Crushing Ideologies and Devastating Actions of Endless Mutilating Combat and War and Subjugation.

Yes, Democracies of Free Thought, Individual and Societal Freedoms, Liberties, Equalities, Fairness and Justice for One and All get in the way of Dis-eased and Dis-easing Symptoms such as these.

trumpy01_400_01These Dis-easing Symptoms of eventual Individual and Societal Rot and Ruin have worn many monikers throughout the Ages. However, due to Air Wave Voices and Letterings and Visualizations they can now bear a Name and Face known to almost All Human Beings on the Planet, because he has become the Flag Bearer for the Great Ideal of a Nation - America.

He is the Representative of the True Ugly American. The Dark Underbelly of America, and Her ever roiling grumblings, mumblings, groanings and moanings. Her Growing Pains. The King of Greedy Greeds and Needy Needs. Bend the Knee, although rarely happily, to Symptom Trump !

Malevolent and Tyrannical Capitalism run amuck and out of Balance.

There is a Cosmological Fluidity, Ebb and Flow to All Things, and All Energies no matter how Rock Solid they may appear or read out to Be on our clever Mechanical doo-dads. Seen and UnSeen Cells, Particles, Atoms, etc… are always on the Move and Groove, even when they’re Dying. All Things and Strings are Transformational.

The Ancients had it right. Seek Balance and Harmony in All Things.

Yes, it’s a Good thing that Trump came along to Remind Us All that his (and Others of his Ilk- past, present and future) Dis-ease and Corrupt Environmentally, Economically and Socially All that they Touch and Manipulate, and are Not the True Path to True Individual and Social Success, Fulfillment and Balanced Empowerment.

Greed and Cruel Brutality in all of their Dis-guises and Shape-Shifting Forms are the Con, the Con Artist and the Conned. They all Feed and Breed off of one another.
Want Becomes Want More. We convince OurSelves that Want is Need, and so We Want-Need more…..and more….and More….And…..

So, Arise and Shine to the Past, Present and Future Awakenings, Re-Memberings and Re-Mindings of an UnBalanced and Annihilating Dark Continuum.

We have encountered these voraciously Destructive, predatorily Bestial Monsters before in many Historical Shape-Shifting Forms. They are a part of Us All and We are a part of Them. Out of Balance and flailing to Feed the Voids WithIn and WithOut of OurSelves. And We will again and again.

However, We Can Victoriously Defeat them again and again and Fly wondrously Into and Through a multitudinous array of Phoenix Risings and Shinings !

Risings and Shinings !


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