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The Bone Yard of Buzzardsville The Bone Yard of Buzzardsville
by Leah Sellers
2019-05-06 09:23:23
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“Wow, do you see all of those Buzzards perched on the new Communication Tower ? There must be over fifty of ‘em up there,” Jeb said with a soft whistle as he cast his first piece of wriggling bait and hook into the River‘s rippling waters.

“Yep, there are Buzzards all over this ‘ole town. They hang around in the Park trees along the River banks. The Critters even hang out at the back of all of the Town Malls and Grocery Stores,” Ralph said as he perused the constantly moving dark figures along the sunlit horizon as he re-cast his line over to right of Jeb‘s.

“Well, they’re smart Critters, I’ll give ‘em that,” Jeb said. “They know how and where to find food, and how to take care of themselves. And more and more of ‘em seem to movin’ into our area.”

“Wonder why that is,” Ralph asked.

“Who knows,” Jeb said off handedly. “That’s a mystery for the Bird Watchers to solve, as far as I’m concerned. I just worry about ‘em becomin’ a Nuisance.”

li_400“Buzzards are no Nuisance, Jeb,” Ralph said seriously. “They’re Scavengers. They’re on Dis-ease Patrol. They get rid of all of the dead things that might rot and get infested with nasty ‘ole Bugs and Germs of all kinds that would be lyin‘ around everywhere on God‘s Green Earth if not for all of their efforts. Buzzards are necessary to the Chain-of-Life-and-Death.”

“Oh, they are, are they,” Jeb answered sarcastically.

Annoyed, Ralph decided to be a little sarcastic himself. “Yeah, and I can see why all of these Buzzards hangin’ around town might make someone like you a little skittish. They remind me of some of your Republican Buddies, King Trumpty and his Henchmen, and his Toady, A.G. Barr.”

“They’re all a Gaggle of Foul Fowls. A Bunch of ransacking, beak clackin’ and smackin’ Buzzards,” Ralph added.

“Yep, that Bunch of Blitherin, Slitherin’ Buzzards are busy peckin’ the flesh right off of the BackBone of America’s Democracy with their Do As I Say, but Not as I Do System of UnLawful DisOrder.”

“What in the world are you talkin’ about, Ralph ?” Jeb asked irritably. “Are you comparin’ President Trump, his Cabinet, his Republicans and his Attorney General Barr to a Bunch of stinkin’ Buzzards ?!”

“I’m glad you were listenin’, Jeb,” Ralph said nonchalantly. “And did you notice how you kept sayin’ that each and everoyne of ’em were all His ? Trumpet’s ? You got that right ! They All belong to him, and turn upside cartwheels for ’ole King Trumpty each, and every live long day.”

“And because they have made the Choice to be Trumpty’s Buzzard Buddies in Corruption and Crimes against America and the rest of the World, as a result of their misplaced, and Profiteering loyalties, they have Corrupted the entire White House and its effectiveness to be a Force for Good, Equality, Justice and Freedom for All here at Home, and around the World.”

“Trumpty, and his Bevy of Buzzards are like a Bad Drug,” Ralph continued.

“They keep Lyin’ and doin’ Corrupt things so Often, and with such quick Frequency, that Folks stay in a State of Shock and Overload that wears them out, and makes ’em sleepy and sluggish just like some kind of Half-dead Zombie.”

“And while Everybody around them is reelin’ around in a Half-Sleep and caught up in the middle of Trumpty and his Thuggish Bevy of Buzzard’s Zombie Makin’ Nightmarish Trips all involvin’ the Destruction of our Great Constitution and our Democracy, King Trumpty and his Corrupted Corruptibles are robbin’ America’s Coffers and Institutions blind, and screwin’ up all of our Healthcare and Social Systems !”

“Just like Trumpty’s Toady Barr refusin’ to go and talk to the Congressional House’s Judicial Investigatory Folks. He, just like Trumpty, thinks he is Above the Law. That EveryBody else is supposed to follow the Law and Do what they Say to Do, but they, themselves are not held to Account for the very same Laws and Rules !

“What outright Careless Arrogance !” Ralph exclaimed. “A Careless Arrogance that will lead to Civil UnRest and eventual Chaos !”

“This is the United States of America, Jeb ! Not some Banana Republic ! Not some Kremlin Crushin’, Mushin’ Machine ! Not some Chinese Brainwashing Prison Camp where we’re all punished and kept in jail until we do things just the way The Leaders want them to be Done, while the Leaders are off Doin’ just as they please, and breakin’ all of the very Laws and Rules they Make for the rest of us to Obey and Toady to !”

“No ! This is America ! We are a Free and Evolving Land Ruled by Laws and Order that EveryBody adheres to ! Everybody ! And that includes ’ole King Trumpty and his bird-brained Buzzard Buddies and Fan-a-Ticks !”

“Ralph, sometimes you worry me, Buddy,” Jeb said heavily as he reeled in his first bass of the day.

“”Good, ’cause as far as I’m concerned, You and We the People need to be worried about all of those gol-durned Trumpty Buzzards in our Nation’s hallowed White House that they’re all turnin’ into the Bone Yard of Buzzardsville !”

“Wake up and smell the rottin’ carcasses of the Institutional Bulwarks of our Great Constitution and Democracy, Jeb !  EveryBody, Wake Up from your Trumpty induced ZombieLand rip-roarin'-and-snorin' Sleep !  The Buzzards are circlin‘, and headed our way ! It is time to Wake Up to Action, and Revive America’s Soul, before she’s smothered to death and picked clean by this cruel and arrogantly destructive Autocratic Trumpty Regime Machine !”

“Ralph, you’ve got a big one on the end of your line,” Jeb said pointing at Ralph’s disappearing toggling cork.

“Would you get your mind back where it should be - on you’re fishin’. I‘m sorry I ever said anything about those gol‘durned Buzzards.”

“You and me, both, Jeb,” Ralph said as he struggled with the large Snapping Turtle bending and pulling at his reel and line, trying to free itself. “You, and me both.”


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