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What Rule of Law?! What Rule of Law?!
by Leah Sellers
2019-05-01 07:43:20
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“ Alright, Maybelle, what are you doin’ sittin’ here in the middle of the Chicken Coop again ? What are you upset about this time ?” Sam asked irritably. “I’m needin’ your help movin’ those Mama’s with their new borns over to the front lots. Those Cows respond to you better than they do me. I need your Powers of Moo-Cow Persuasion to get those Critters to move without tryin’ to plow me down for gettin’ too close to those Babies of theirs.”

“Just give me another minute or two, Sam. I come to the Chicken Coop to meditate amongst my Sweet Hens and Randy Roosters. I find their Habits and sing-songy Clucking Banter calming and centering. Always have,” Maybelle said softly.

“Good thing we get the kiddos to scrub down this ’ole Chicken Coop at the end of every month or you might have to find yourself another Cluckin’ Meditation Temple of Feathers and Eggs,” Sam sniggered.

law01_400“Sam, our Great Nation is coming to wrack and ruin under the Trumpian Elitist Dictator’s Regime Machine,” Maybelle said abruptly.

“Well, I know you tell me, and anybody else who will Listen, that very thing every chance you get, Hon. And in some respects I get what you mean, jelly bean. But what has got you all hot and bothered this time,
Gal-’o-mine ?” Sam asked.

“Trumpty, and his sour-noted Band of Democracy Corrupting Corruptors are continuing to tear down our Institutions and our Rule of Law and Order,” Maybelle said pointedly.

“Trumpty says he’s the most Transparent President of all time, but refuses to show everybody his Taxes, and he refused to speak in person to the Mueller Investigation, and instead had his lawyers repeat time after time that he ’could’t Re-member or Re-Call AnyThing”. Heck, he sounds like he’s got Convenient Dementia to me, and in that case, what is he doing in one of the most important jobs in our Nation’s Government ?” Maybelle complained.

And this hand picked lackey of his, this new Attorney General Barr, is now saying that he doesn’t have to speak to the Congress’ Investigatory Committee. That he can override any and all subpoenas that he doesn’t find palatable to answer to ! Well, how destructive and dismantling is that reprehensible attitude to our Great Democracy ? Huh ?!”

“Very destructive and dis-mantling is what it is !”

“Barr is the Attorney General of We the People not King Trumpty and his rabid, vapid Flaming Fans !”

“Barr is supposed to be a Primary Role Model of America’s revered System of Law and Order, but he is Corrupting our System of Law and Order from within as well as without !”

“If Barr and Trumpty, and his Cabinet Members, won’t Obey the Laws of the Land, and Respect the Equal Powers of the Congress regarding the Executive and Judicial branches of our Great Democracy, then who will ?”

“We’re Becoming a Land of Dangerous and Dis-ruptive Lawlessness and Dis-Order !  These Trumpian Regime Fan-a-Ticks are all about Do as We Say, but not as We Do !  It will be the Ruination of Us All !”

“And all of these White Supremacist Terrorists, who are supposedly full of some mighty “Fine” Folks according to King Trumpty, Hate Mongering and murdering Folks who are Different from them that they have Chosen to Hate and Monger after ?”

“And the Islamist and Hindi, and whatever other Religion or Group that decides to create murder and mayhem against Others, and hide behind their God or their Beliefs or their Traditions to make themselves feel all Righteous and All Better about all of their Hateful, Murdering and Destructive to Humanity Actions ? What about them ?” Maybelle asked rhetorically ?

“Christ told us that our Primary goal in Life is to Love One Another !
Period ! That we are Help and Take Care of One Another ! Period ! That we are to Reach Out to the World with a True Moral Compass of Compassion and Wise Understanding ! That we are to be CareGivers and Healers of EveryThing around us, and that includes our beautiful Home Planet, Earth !”

“Christ was a Builder and a Uniter. Our present President and all of his Henchmen and Henchwomen are not ! They are Destroyers of our best Ideals and Profit off of further EnSlaving the Middle Class and the Poor through Economic and Cultural Systems they have quite deliberately Rigged for themselves and their petty, Conscienceless Needy Greeds.”

“And if We the People do not struggle against these Energies of Destruction of Democracy, Justice, Common Decency and Human Rights such as these folks we have allowed into our Temple of Democracy, the White House, then we are just as much a part of the Destruction and Chaos as they are !”

“We must Stand Our Ground against such Dark Energies, Sam ! We must !”
Maybelle said defiantly.

“Honey, I agree with you, for the most part, but we are just Country folks just barely gettin’ by as it is,” Sam replied. “And I don’t know about you, but I’ve only got so much Energy to expend, and it needs to be expended right here at our Home.”

“I know that, Sam,” Maybelle agreed. “I know that this place chews up most of our Time and Energy. But we have to help our Great Nation in whatever ways we can Locally and Nationally.”

“We owe it to OurSelves, to our Children and their Children’s Children, and our Community-at-large, because what the World’s National and Local Leaders Decide on and Act on effect us All in a myriad of ways.”

“That’s why it’s important that we speak out against the Census asking Dis-criminatory questions about where folks are from or how long they have been here, in order to punish or ostracize folks from the decisions being made about the Future Systems of our Great Nation’s inner and outer Workings.”

“That’s why it’s important that We the People take hold of our Voting Rights and Voting Places to guard and protect them against other attacks and manipulations from Russia, Saudi Arabia, China or any other Foreign Power. In fact, I think we should all go back to Paper Ballots that have to be Hand Signed and Checked out by Community Volunteers who are under Oath and Threat of Arrest if they don’t do a Job guided by Duty to their Country and Integrity toward the Process.”

“Sam, folks all around the World have their Eyes on our Great American Democracy right now. They are watching to see How We the People Do or Do Not Defend Her, because they can learn from our Mis-takes and our Good Moves during this terribly Important Process. We must not fail the budding Democracies around the World. We must not Fail OurSelves, and Our Future Generations !”

“Maybelle, we have run all of the Chickens out of their very own Coop with all of this talk and excitement over how to save America’s Democracy and the World,” Sam said with a chuckle as he helped Maybelle off of her stool, and guided her toward the doorway.

“How about we tend to the Cows right now, and continue this Conversation while we’re mucking out the horses stalls,” Sam continued. “I promise to be all ears, and I might even have a few Choice Words and Ideas of my own to share with you and the Critters.”

“Ha !” Maybelle laughed outright. “I’ll be surprised if some of the Chickens don’t follow us up to stables to peck at some of the bugs we’ll churn up while we’re mucking.”

“Well, to each their own, and at least somebody will get somethin’ good out of all of that Malarkey, and when the Kiddos get back from runnin’ around in town, you and I will head on out to Peggy Joy and Hank’s place for that Big Barbeque we promised to attend.”

“I use that aerated Manure as Compost for our Garden, Sam, and you know it, And I’ve already got the German Potato Salad and my special Dutch Apple Pie put together for the Barbeque.” Maybelle chimed in as they walked toward the back pasture.

“And thank you, Sam,” Maybelle said unexpectedly.

“And what are you thankin’ me for, Ladybug ?” Sam asked with sideways grin.

“For reminding me that some really Good things have the possibility of Growing out of the Trumpian Regime Machine’s Bags of Walkin, Talkin’ Malarkey if they‘re tended to properly and wisely,” Maybelle said with a wry smile.


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