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NY's Agora Gallery Presents: Jarko NY's Agora Gallery Presents: Jarko
by Amanda Aaron
2007-06-26 09:46:43
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The visually seductive paintings of Jarko feature the female form delineated in an array of artistic approaches ranging from subtle to vivacious. The distinguishing feature of Jarko’s work is the tactile nature of his approach.

Paint is smeared, sliced and otherwise worked into the canvas, a process allowing imagery to flow out of the artist’s consciousness, giving each work a distinct personality. Jarko was born in Rautavaara, in the Eastern part of Finland, and brought up into a natural, quiet country life.

He learned much about the juncture of humanity and nature, stating, “The Finnish culture has taught me to understand that the best things in a life are free.” Correspondingly his work flows with underpinnings of human sensuality with a sense of drama heightened through a limited palette and thespian approach to light and shadow.

He has exhibited mainly around Finland and Sweden, while recently acquiring representation in New York. Jarko lives and works in Finland.

Please note: Some paintings in this exhibition contain nudity.

Exhibition Dates: June 26 to July 17

Gallery Location: Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York.

Gallery hours:
Tues-Sat 11- 6.

Opening Reception:
June 28th, 6-8 PM

Please visit Agora-gallery.com for more information.

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