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Prevailing Winds #3
by Paul Lightfoot
2007-05-29 09:59:44
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With life there’s love, love there’s life, love life.

We start out in life more or less optimistic, maybe the underdog but on top of things. Along comes the odd phrase, cliché and obligations, and slowly it turns from how you are treating the world to how the world is treating you. In infancy we are the masters, in adulthood the slaves.

Choice is in time diminished by our choice of civilization, money becomes the key to freedom but to have enough there’s no freedom. This is the reality for the majority.

What is true for all, is all things natural. A sunny spring day with not a cloud in the sky, nature's aphrodisiac. Relaxed in the warmth of a burning ball millions of miles away, the senses surface and a want lingers. A will for a moment when time stands still. Temptation is fun and the season excites making love bloom before the flower. It can relax later during summer days but for now warmth from the inside melts with that from outside, and mind and muscle combine for moments of freedom.

The old gnome

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