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Interactive Writing: Everybody lies Interactive Writing: Everybody lies
by Jane Eagle
2007-05-15 09:48:09
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Sand: But how did you determine sexual actuality amongst Greeks? People in general are not particularly open as to actual sexual practices so I must assume you have taken a practical survey of a statistically relevant number of Greeks. Sounds like a very stimulating piece of research.

Asa: BTW Why would somebody lie about having had anal sex? Makes no sense!

Ahhhh, I’m happy, I’m happy, hey guess what? I’m happy. This is my first article on interactive writing, I’m doing it along with two great Ovi contributors and (between me and you) all I need to do is to translate my post on Greek sex lies. Life can be fun indeed.

So, my dear friend Sand, I found a global survey at durex.com and I noticed that Greeks hold the crown of sexual activity (sparkling crown, rubies, diamonds, etc.). Judging by their answers they have the most sex in the world, they sleep with lots of partners, 70% of them have unprotected sex, while 55% has had anal sex as an experience. Then I wondered how many of our people are pregnant or gay? I thought arghhh of course they’re lying – it is cool to report your sexuality high.

For a start, I bet you all agree on this: When you’ve got food to eat you’re not getting hungry. And, man, I see a lot of hunger walking the streets carefree. You know when a friend of yours acts weird and really disturbs you, and you’re thinking, “I gotta introduce him to a girl!”

Now some more serious business, unprotected sex effects:

a. Pregnancy: You’re all aware of Greece’s demographic issue. For those who are not, let’s put this way… we’re not China. Yet taking into account the amount of sex consumption (hehe) we should notice an increased percentage on the ground of abortions. You assume of course that we don’t notice anything other than how tasteless my coffee is right now (did I mix it up with tea or something… what the…).

Men may ejaculate outside the female body but this method is quite risky and has a good 15% of failure. In addition, condoms and contraceptive pills are much safer (4%). As far as the pill’s concerned, Greek ladies don’t tend to use it continuously because they are frightened by the side effects.

b. STDs: I won’t mention HIV-AIDS but focus on the hundreds of other sexually transmitted diseases. Somehow, Greeks have tonnes of unprotected sex without treating themselves for chlamydia, hepatitis or gonorrhea.

By now I’ve proved Greeks lied about the frequency and quality of sex (since there is no analogy with unwanted pregnancies and STDs). For whomever’s wondering why lie about condoms I’ll have to inform him/her with one typical example: I once heard a quarrel on the street between two men and one of them cried out loud: Have you ever felt how warm and wet it is, I bet you haven’t, I bet you’ve never had sex without a stupid bug on your thing!” Insane I know…

c. In sex, everything is set by nature and is generally accepted by both sexes, that is cuddling and kissing, vaginal intercourse, since they all please both men and women. But anything that is not related to reproduction is automatically ruled out - except the actions that can satisfy both girls and boys equally. It’s called human selfishness and is the reason why oral sex consists as an all-time classic.

(Note: I’m referring below to anal penetration, not just stimulation around the area.)

In addition, anal sex in a heterosexual relationship seems to particularly please the man while there is no equivalent (of sexual nature) for reward to the “recipient”. Yet taking into consideration Kinsey’s study (40% of the women that experienced anal sex said they enjoyed it) you ponder over the oxymoron, eventuating: It shouldn’t be impossible since the nerves of the genitals aren't near there. We’re not talking orgasms of course, but for the same content as a stimulating touch on the breast.

Oh and Asa, the anal way has been considered kinky, quite favorable to guys since it actually shows who the boss is… And you’re right, it doesn’t make any sense!

This kind of intercourse can be dangerous for a woman because of pain (the amount of which depends on the male style and the size of the… don’t make me say it) and also because of physical damage. We’re talking here about pain and health, which before a Greek girl’s taboo can count even less than that of a three-year-old (one, tsow, thlee, foul).

Furthermore, the survey took place in 2005 so there is no chance of pre-marital anal sex for the protection of the female virginity – in a few words, no excess of taboos for the unruly. To avoid anal ache, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, prolapse, bacterial infection of the vagina, the label “oh god, I’m the butt girl now”, the majority of women don’t give into anal sex. So this is 55% lies. Unless we choose the gay version and frankly I wish not to…

Just like that I come to an end, the same as the beginning: “Everybody lies”, which is a motto used on the House MD TV series where patients lie about their medical history, while they stand on life’s edge, one step and oops they’re gone. So why does a Greek lie about his/her bed activity, well it is just to impress his pals, to make his dad proud and just to be an anonymous emancipated kind of girl.

(By reading my article again: In the name of censorship I think I’m possessed by Ava Cadell, hahaha…)

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Asa2007-05-15 09:52:06
I'm not sure I like my name so closely associated with anal sex...doesn't seem quite right!

You are right though, it does show who is boss - "Coming dear!"

Dimitrios2007-05-15 11:26:25
I have a different theory. I think the durex survey is flawed/biased, just a publicity gimmick with no statistical significance.

To conduct such a survey in a global scale is not as simple as "go and ask 50 people on the street". You need a lot of time and resources. You have to make sure you get a sufficient representative sample from both sexes and from all ages, social strata, education levels, geographical areas etc.

In other words, you can make your survey lead to any conclusion you want just by asking the right questions to the right people.

Jane E.2007-05-15 14:53:28
That's interesting... But what makes you think durex did it the wrong way?

Sand2007-05-15 20:10:16
Perhaps I'm too clinical about sex but I really do not enjoy making people I admire unhappy. I have read that anal sex is likely to be rough enough to cause tissue damage and all sorts of infective problems. The sex act itself has always struck me as an improbable and often ludicrous exercise in social interactivity and since the sensitive tissues involved respond to the accepted stimulation process fairly automatically I imagine any process that produces the desired surge of neurological energy should be acceptable. Male-female dominance theatrics have never entered into my own personal experience in the matter nor do I find it in any way attractive.
Why are the percentages involved interesting?

Jane E.2007-05-15 23:52:16
I'm sorry Sand, I don't get the question... What about the percentages?

Sand2007-05-16 00:31:04
What does it matter how many Greeks (or any other division of humanity) pursues individual sexual satisfaction in one way or another. The point of any social activity is to fulfill some desire of the participants. If a particular activity does the job and people are happy about it, and nobody is harmed, why not? It's an individual choice.

Jane E.2007-05-16 01:30:29
Life tought me not to judge by idealizing nor generalizing.

Everything you say about sex is true and I wish one day all people will think of it that way. But today (especially in the greek society) sex is about self pleasure, taboos, dominance -people have it because it looks good in porn.

What you said at first surprised me "I don't enjoy making people I admire unhappy". They're having sex just to ejaculate for heaven's sake and here you're talking about admiration... It makes realise once more how sad our world is.

Unfortunately the majority of greeks likes having sex and then brag about it at the world as if they slaughtered the dragon.

Plus I didn't mean to critisize people who have anal sex. But I really know that greek gals don't do it (huuuuge taboo around here) so that fibber 55% (:P) really bothered me.

The minute I found the survey I though to myself "it's so full of *%$"... Because, my friend, desire for cheap sex + strong taboos equals my "everybody lies".

This article is about lying to make yourself look good to the one who's doing the asking.

It's about lies...

[My view on sex (cool! I'll make a statement): It's magic, it's love, it's the most intense physical kind of communication you can establish with another human being. Ahh I'm cute and romantic, a pink rosebud you may add... hehehe]

Sand2007-05-16 03:40:12
Sex as a bragging point has always struck me as too childish to be worth consideration. And using another human as a dildo seems to me a terrible waste of a rare opportunity to become intricately and deeply involved with both another mind and body. I know no Greeks but have spent time with other men in my army time and discovered that the type of infantile social behavior you abhor is not uncommon amongst many men of various origins. Rap music reveals this kind of callous insensitivity in another sector.

Jane E.2007-05-16 04:14:48
Unfortunately men like you Sand belong to a rare species. From where we stand now let's hope in the future we won't take any more steps backwards...

Sand2007-05-16 06:45:27
As much as I despise the thuggery that seems these days to beset the world I sincerely doubt good considerate intelligent men are all that rare. Nevertheless, all sectors of society in both the East and West do very badly for women. Optimism here is difficult to maintain, especially in countries like the USA that cover their contempt for women's capability to control their own lives by hypocritical religious rigidity where religion has a long history of disrespect for women. But very slowly things seem to be improving. Individuals differ. People in general, even men, deserve some benefits of doubt.

Jane E.2007-05-17 00:16:30

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