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Strindberg, Genet & Ionesco
by The Finn-Brit Players
2007-05-13 09:49:23
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Attention Helsinki’s culture vultures! Our friends over at the Finn-Brit Players have been busy rehearsing, preparing and rehearsing some more for their three spring 2007 productions.

The Players are offering you the chance to choose between “Miss Julie”, a full-length play, and a double bill of “The Maids” and “The Bald Prima Donna”. All three of the plays are presented in English and promise you a particularly cultural time for a mere €8 – that’s €4 a play if you go for the double bill!

The plays are performed on the Puoli-Q stage of Q-teatteri (Tunturikatu 16, Helsinki) and tickets are on sale now from here (BOOK ONLINE)

August Strindberg’s “Miss Julie” is directed by Jack Leo and stars just three people; Irina Mikkola as Miss Julie, Steve Porter as Jean and Angie Hämäläinen as Kristine. The setting is a country house somewhere in Southern Sweden in the late 19th century. Miss Julie is the count’s daughter; Jean is his footman. Their encounter during Midsummer night results in a collision of passion, and a conflict of sex and class arises which ultimately leads to the downfall of Miss Julie.

Jean Genet’s “The Maids” is directed by Fionna O’Sullivan and you can hear her talk about the play on our Bad Boys Radio Show (Click here to listen). Once again there is only a cast of three, with Maarit Hyytiäinen, Anna Maria Rawlings and Amanda Paajanen doing the acting honours. The is a dramatic story of two sisters courting disaster as they act out their fantasy of revenge on their mistress. As powerful today as it was when first staged, personal and social agendas clash with tragic consequences.

Eugène Ionesco’s “The Bald Prima Donna” is directed by Bruce Marsland and has bigger cast than the other two combined. This play is considered a landmark in such absurdist anti-theatre. No conventions of so-called rational communication are held sacred as the Martins come round for dinner to find that the Smiths have already eaten. The fire chief pops in to help pass the time, but not even the maid is everything that she seems. “Let’s go and slap Ulysses!”

So get out of the house this week and go and support one, two or all three of the Finn-Brit Players’ spring productions.

Performance dates

Friday 11 May 7 pm Miss Julie
Saturday 12 May 3 pm The Maids & The Bald Prima Donna
Sunday 13 May 3 pm Miss Julie
Sunday 13 May 7 pm The Maids & The Bald Prima Donna
Tuesday 15 May 7 pm Miss Julie
Wednesday 16 May 7 pm The Maids & The Bald Prima Donna
Thursday 17 May 7 pm Miss Julie
Friday 18 May 7 pm The Maids & The Bald Prima Donna
Saturday 19 May 3 pm The Maids & The Bald Prima Donna
Saturday 19 May 7 pm Miss Julie

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