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If You Become
by David Sparenberg
2018-11-11 08:37:45
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If you become one with God, you share in the agony of God.  The agony of God is in the starvation of polar bears and masses.  In the despair of species on the brink of extinction.  And among victims and survivors of mass murder.

If you become one with God, you share in the ecstasy of God.  The ecstasy of God is spread throughout creation. It is in the sap of trees, the songs of morning birds, dances of leaves in wind, smiles of summer flowers.

got01_400If you become one with the agony and ecstasy of God, you experience both bull and matador.  You experience moth and flame and the magnetism to become a flash of light—that moment of moments pierced, mystic union between flight and eternity; metamorphosis and morphic law.

Yet (oh and yet) if you become one with God, the power of God remains with God.  The power of your awakened humanity lives outward in the sharing of mortal vulnerability.

Conscious mortality breaks the heart.  In truth it is crucifying—the democracy of life’s crucifying clock.   Conscious mortality also opens dialogue; shared awareness of insecurity enlightens love.  God shares in heartache and draws near to love.  Comes closest to lovers and broken hearted.  This touches on truth, deep down, in the between, on core-truth, where origins of breath and heartbeat are infused with rhythm and patterns and those who exist are provided with shapes—threads and pinpoints: shades and shapes.

At end of the temporal quest is the banquet of those who experience what is required to be invited to the banquet.  When you have become one with that invitation, sojourner, you have arrived in the sacred space of feasting. Let us be honest and promise to sit beside one another there.  Where the invited are welcomed by host and hostess of pathos and passion.  And light… And joy.


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