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Empty Cell Empty Cell
by Nikos Laios
2018-11-09 07:20:13
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Empty Cell

He goes to sleep tired
And he wakes up tired,
The city had scooped
The soul out of his guts
And left an empty shell.

rustic_days_400You can hear
The wind whistling
Though the empty shell
Of his fleshy carcass
Like a ghost town
On the edge of
An overgrown wheat field
With battered scarecrows
And a rusted windmill.

He’s just an empty shell,
He’s just an empty shell
And it shows and he knows it.

He stares deep
Into the abyss
And finds the
Remnants of
A dying star there
Shinning brightly
His cosmos .

Filling him
With star dust
Clinging to the clay ,
But he felt his solitude
And became aware
And waited for death,
With the television
Blaring and the
Alarm clock wound,
One day melting
Into another.

On the balcony
At night he lit
Up a cigarette
And poured
A glass of red wine
And dove into
The glass
And drowned
His sorrows
And stained
His empty

He stared up
At the twinkling night
Longing to escape
From the prison cell
That he built
For himself.

He saw his soul
Up there flying
With all the other souls
Free and immortal,
Journeying through
Time and space
And longed to
Be reunited.

He stood
On the railing
And jumped
Into the abyss
And flew upwards
Bathed in star dust
Chasing his soul,
Flying and soaring
Like an eagle.

A smile swept
His face brushed
By the night breeze
As he left his prison cell
Far behind him
And embraced
His free will.

He was always free,
But he just didn’t know it,
He thought he was
A prisoner of his
Empty cell.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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