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Colorful Moods
by David Sparenberg
2018-11-03 08:56:23
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Colorful Moods
(two part exercise which can also be worked into performance)

1. Today I start Blue.  Not deep, melancholy blue…
2. Light Blue.
1. Light blue as new day sky.
2. Light blue as Robin’s egg in May.
color00001_4001. This afternoon I will glow Orange.
2. Orange as an orange.
1. Orange as the sun.
2. I accept your warmth and light.
1. And I your juicy roundness.
2. By evening…
1. Come evening Purple will be my delight.
2. I am not opposed to purple-gray bouquets of shadow.
1. I embrace the Black of night.  Deep velvet black of night.
2. Whether a moon-bright or starry night.  Whether or not—black, black night.
1. Tomorrow I plan to aspire…
2. Inspire…
1. Tomorrow I aspire to go Green, grow green.
2. Green as moss on a stone.
1. As green as a summer tree.
2. When I am wroth…
1. Angry…
2. I burn as Red as fire.
1. If anger is your desire…
2. If anger is my desire, I burn as red as fire.
1. If I remain calm, I stay the cool color of Ice.  Or contextual Colors of reflecting water.
2. Next week, I will go bananas!  You can see me sitting like a Cheshire Cat camouflaged by Yellow leaves.
1. Yellow—mellow.  A passing light rain and floral spring frock. Smiling yellow as a buttercup.
2. As yellow as sunflowers, with seeded heads held high, in the hot yellow month of July.


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