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Results all speak for themselves Results all speak for themselves
by Saloni Kaul
2018-10-15 07:47:00
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Results all speak for themselves

Each permanent aspect lovingly shaped,
Each linear detail painstakingly cast ,
Results then speak directly for themselves
Like ties that in perpetual time enduring last.
Yet something in your disposition firm ingrained
durato001_400Examines the perfect whole as each part anew;
Like glossaries, rosters of facts tortuously soon ascertained
By one dependent on dissection for his clue.
We who’re used to today’s creators and their isms,
Find it so hard to recognise truth when it comes straight to the test,
Those shattered splintered elements ejected through flash prisms,
Pureed mishmashed like baby food most easy to digest.
It is all perfectly written, the music’s scored.
When you say yes, by all it shall be totally adored.

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