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Two Sides of A Me, Too Reality
by Leah Sellers
2018-10-09 06:51:35
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“Yes, Boys will be Boys. It’s their Natures. Hormones get to poppin’ and Boys and Girls do things when they’re young that they normally wouldn’t given a little Age and Wisdom,” Gladys said evenly as she sipped on her hot cup of coffee and smiled knowingly over at her good friend, Betty Lou.

wom01_400Betty Lou shook her head emphatically, “No, Gladys, those are all excuses for the Big Boys and Big Girls to use so that they can continue Romper Room activities they probably shouldn’t. They all need to be taught good Self-Control Strategies, but especially the Boys, ‘cause they tend to do more physical harm than the Girls do.”

“They all need to be taught better Self-Control Disciplines and Accountability for the misdeeds done, and that can come in many forms.” Betty Lou continued.

“Cultural Change in this area will never Progress toward Better Behaviors until this is addressed by everyone within our Culture, and other Cultures, properly. Men in Power must be held to Account. They must. Or it will just continue, because the Men in Power are Role Modeling this to Our Children. Our Boys and Girls.
Everything that’s goin’ on in Washington D. C. right now is only perpetuating Men’s tacitly understood, with a wink-and-a-nod, Abuse and Use of Women.”

“Well, I don’t want to have to worry about my Boys bein’ falsely accused of sexually molestin’ some young lady at the drop of a hat, and havin’ their lives ruined over it,” Gladys said firmly.

“Yes, yes, I understand your point, but in most cases the accusations against the Men are true, Gladys, because most Women don’t want to have things like that known about them. They don’t want to be seen as Damaged Goods. They don’t want to be Dis-Believed and Shunned for tryin’ to find some kind of Justice for the Damage done to them, because in most cases it happens when nobody else is around, and there are no witnesses to corroborate their terrible experiences,” Betty Lou replied as she added a bit more cream to her coffee.

"And We the People have opened the door to more and more Women bein’ treated thus-and-so, because Our Great Nation’s President Trumpty is an Abusin‘, Pussy Cat Grabbin‘, President who is now pushin’ another Abusin’, Drunken, Hand-Over-Mouth Power Monger into the Supreme Court as an In-Your-Face Power Play to the parts of Our Culture that have grumbled about Trumpty, and want him held to Account for bein’ the Abusin‘, Bullyin‘, Connin‘, Flim-Flam Man that he is.”

“Trumpty is showin’ us all ! He, and the Cambridge Analytica folks with all of their Social Media mini-bots, and givin’ advice and information to the Putin-bots and his agents of Chaos, added to all the other Trumpty Chaos and Mayhem Strategies, Money Tactics and Mis-Takes that worked for them, and against everybody else to the overall Chaos and Mayhem of us All. All of that mess and more put that Apprentice Flim-Flam Man in Power over America and the rest of the World.” Betty Lou said with vigor.

“And what’s wrong with that, Betty Lou ? Bob and I voted for Trumpty, and so did your husband, Hank. We wanted somebody in there that would shake things up, and who would do things to help Us,” Gladys said shortly.

“Well, you certainly got more than you bargained for. Enjoyin’ those Trickle-down Tax Cuts for he and his Rich Buddies yet ? Enjoyin’ yankin’ all of those Precious Babies and Children from the arms of their Parents, and jailin’ them in those Tent Cities down along the Borders, are you ? Enjoyin’ spittin in the faces of all of our Global Allies and breakin’ one Treaty and Agreement after another all over the World ? Enjoyin’ Tarriffs that are gonna’ raise prices on all of us at the stores and grocery stores ? Enjoyin’ the Rights of Women bein’ stepped all over ? Enjoyin’ the Rise of the White, and Other, Supremacist groups all over the World in the name of Populism and Nationalism ? Enjoyin’ the Rise of Hatreds and Fears that we’re supposed to be Rationally working our way through instead of givin’ into and goin’ to War over ?”

“Where do you get all of that stuff, Betty Lou. None of that is happenin’”, Gladys declared as she laughed out loud.

“Gladys, Trumpty put himself into Power through the Darker and Uglier Energies of the American Winner-Take-All Psyche, and the 30 to 40% UnConsciously locked within its negatively dogmatic and theocratic undertow. And now, Trumpty is intent on Confuse, Deflect, Drip-Drip-Drip and Rip America’s Social Fabric Divide and Conquer, Winner Take All !”

Trumpty is intent on sticking it to anyone not lickin’ his boots and bleatin’ ’Yes, Massah ! Whatever you say is Reality, Massah ! The Real World be damned, Massah !”

“Gladys, for the World to Become Better. All of us must Expect Better and Be Better.”

Betty Lou slid her coffee cup a little away from herself and said, “Good to see you, Gladys, but I’ve got to get on home and clean house. It helps me to calm myself down and order my thoughts.”

“I hope I haven’t offended you, Gladys. But I was just not ready to hear this today of all days. The day when the Republican run Congress Betrayed All Americans, even the ones who don’t yet know that they’re bein’ Betrayed, but they will as Time and Events slam into All of us later on down the road due to this Betrayal of our Highest Court and Women in general.”

“The Trumpian Regime is a Dark Destructive Farce. He inherited Obama’s Recovered Economy, and if he has his way only, it will probably be in a shambles soon enough, and make things even more Chaotic and Tense in America and Globally.”

“Anyways, tell Bob hi for me. Hank and I’ll see y’all and the kids at Church this Sunday.” Betty Lou said as she stood up and placed her chair back under the table.

“And you give Hank and your kiddos our best, too, Betty Lou. Listen, hon, I didn’t mean to upset you. It’s just that Girls need to wake up and stop bein’ so naïve, and puttin’ themselves in places with horny Boys in the first place. Girls need to be smarter. And some Girls lead men on. Especially Men in Power, Betty Lou, and you know that.”

“Is that what you teach your Girls, Gladys ? That it’s all the Girl’s Responsibility to manage the Boys, but not the Responsibility of the Boys to control their own Desires and Behaviors as well ?” Betty Lou asked pointedly.

“That’s the Way of the World, Betty Lou,” Gladys answered definitively.

“And how will the World Change for the Better if we don’t Teach Our Children different Lessons of Mutual Responsibility to ThemSelves and to Others, and Mutual Self and Other Respect, Gladys ?”

“Children look to their Leaders for Proper, Decent and Wise Guidance. Just look at the Leaders and the Behaviors those Leaders are Supporting and Feeding Our Children, right now.”

“Oh sure, we’ll do somethin’ about toxic lead in paint, but we don’t do anything about the things poisoning and polluting our Children’s and Our Nation’s Minds, Hearts and Souls.”

“We are slowly Poisoning OurSelves to death on all of this Corruption wrought by our Darker Nature’s Power - not Benevolent Self and Other EmPowerment that Benefits and Lifts Everyone.”

“I’m sorry, Gladys, I’m gettin’ all fired up again. I really should be goin’.”

Gladys got up from the table and gave her Friend a hug. “You take care of yourself, Betty Lou, and try not to listen to any of those Me, Too Friends of yours for awhile.”

Betty Lou laughed wryly and patting her Friend’s back, turned to go. As she started through the screen door, she looked Gladys straight into the eyes and said, “I am one of those Me, Too Girls, Gladys.”


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