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Orcas & Bumblebees
by David Sparenberg
2018-10-06 10:11:24
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orc01_400The most nefarious act of murder is taking place.  It is ultimate hubris.  The ultimate of human violence.

Before all of our faces; everyone is a witness.  Not one of us is without a share of guilt. The human species is murdering the Earth.

We can no longer talk of ourselves as the crown of creation.  In our plastic world with fossil fuel combustion, we have become parasitic—ubiquitous destroyers. Every day, everyone is confronted with choices.

Go talk to waters, lands, the air and weather.  Speak with orcas and dying bumblebees.

The human species is murdering the Earth.

A day is coming when our children will feed on dust and withered grass.  Intelligence—thinking and feeling—is not equal.  But each of us has a human brain and emotional capacity. Every day we are confronted with choices.


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