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by David Sparenberg
2018-09-15 08:34:05
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God of many colors: mirrored in creation.

Lady-Lord of Africans, male and female.  Goddess-God of baobab, elephant, lion, giraffe and zebra;

color001_400God of many colors: mirrored in creation.

Lady-Lord of Americas—First Nations, Aboriginal tribes and clans, male and female—Keeper of Animals, buffalo and bear, condor, jaguar and llama;

God of many colors: mirrored in creation.

Goddess-God of Pacific Islanders, both male and female, Lady-guardian of whale, sea turtle, dolphin, banyan; Mother-Father of Aloha spirit; Giver of sustainable beauty, Astonisher of abundance;

God of many colors: mirrored in creation.

Lady-Lord of Eurasians, male and female, diversity of people, land, language; Goddess-God of wolf, hedgehog and deer, of tiger, peacock, mongoose and snow monkey;

We raise our voices together in prayer, in celebration of diversity, in celebration of the natural wealth and natural beauty provided for all to share in first democracy of experience, here on this orbiting sphere-planet of Living Earth.

In honor of life we are purifying ourselves so to be worthy. In outward flow and surge we are sending our voices together—singing the world. When we are intoxicated with Earth songs, we will evolve, together, into cosmic laughter.

God of many colors—who makes peace and harmony sexy (Make Love Not War); who makes justice and mercy beautiful—mirrored throughout creation.


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