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There's always room
by Saloni Kaul
2018-08-26 09:20:43
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There’s always room

Issues all ring with their own mixed sensations
And radiate like divers branches bold of broom,
Where rooted to the one, for neat expansions
Outward in scope throughout there’s always room.
Yet while staying confined chaste simple and most pure
Within strict formalism’s edges always keen ,
To win over emotions strong they do implore
And yes, admittedly at times they touch the spleen.
We who like to so learn , then thorough teach,
Under tradition’s outright sheltered skies    
And at all times aim for the upper hand, beseech
Attentions of the one that hands us all the prize.
Student or teacher, hold throughout the reins most tight,
At roundtables, class centre your reign’s on the heights.


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