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Pieces of you
by Nikos Laios
2018-08-25 08:53:19
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Pieces of you

I found pieces of you
Floating in my dreams
Lucid, swimming in my soul,
In the deep flowing
sunset_at_the_docks_400Like a cool babbling spring
Gurgling and sliding
Over mossy green rocks,
Lyrical and clean.

I found pieces of you
Floating with the clouds
On a clear summer’s day
Under a blue sky
Among the flowers
And the bees,
And the sunlight.

I remember
Pieces of you;
A soft kiss,
Red lips,
Alabaster skin,
Glistening black hair,
A warm smile
That develops slowly
Like a beautiful photograph
Swimming in a clear
Solution taking on
Meaning with time.

I found pieces of you
Swirling in my heart
Flowing in my bloodstream,
And I felt warm,
And beautiful,
And alive,
And loved.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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