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The Flim-Flam-Flippity-Flop!
by Leah Sellers
2018-08-23 05:59:41
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Yep, the Trumpty is Flim-Flam-Flippity-Floppin’ !

The Jig is almost Up ! Yep, Trumpty is going into slo-mo Jiggity-Jiggin for all of his Riggity-Riggin’ !

The Collusion was No Delusion-Illusion ! It was just more intrinsically and insidiously widespread and intrudin’, ’cause old Mafioso Habits and Life Strategies die hard, especially amongst the high fallutin’ (’cause they‘re used to bullyin’ or payin’ their way out of trouble for havin‘ double lives) !

And now, get ready ! Hold onto your Hats ‘cause Trumpty’s infamous Deflections will be resurrectin’ and be on the Rise ! What a Downer !

What will it Be ? An increased and more mean-spirited Trade War that really hurts EveryOne but The Rich who manage it, and their upwardly moving Algorithms, while EveryOne else’s Life Algos take a plunge downward ?

dody001_400Or a War with Iran to please the Saudi Rulers, Netanyahu and his dour Band of Uptights, and be just another chess move in Putin-Oligarchlandia ? Or Nukes over North Korea or Russia (to further deflect from his Putin-Oligarchlandia Collusion) or Hawaii ‘cause Obama lived/lives there ? Or New England ‘cause Hillary Clinton lives there ?

Or perhaps he’ll Nuke Washington D.C. while running off to one of his Golf Playlands, ‘cause it didn’t live up to his Collusion-Delusion-Illusion of Self Aggrandizing Grandeur and Adulating Parade-making Splendor while the Peasants all eat burnt cake and search for the burnt crumbs of their former relatively comfortable and peaceful Lives ?

Hang on for a Wild Ride folks, ‘cause that’s what happens when a Truly Wild-eyed, Chest Thumpin’ and Harumphin’, Flim-Flam Flammin’, Thug-a-luggin’ Thugger, Scumbaggin’ Scumbagger, Primitive Primate stops draggin’ his knuckles and his Belly Floppin’, and escapes to the Banana Republic Trees ! No tellin’ what will fall from the Sky - including the Sky, Itself ! Oh me ! Oh my !

And why is Trumpty all in a dither, and Rallyin’ hither and thither ?

His long time Fixer and Personal Lawyer, Michael Cohen, was thrown into the Legal Mixer and he pled Guilty to Felonious Acts of Illegal Flim-Flammery with Campaign Funds, and Shell Game Funds to cover up and Pay-Off two more Bombshell Bombshellin’ Girlie stories after the Pussy Cat Grabbin’ video made its debut, just before the American Elections took place that would have lost him a few more Electoral Votes in the Electoral College (seein’ as Hillary Clinton won by over three million Popular Votes as it was).

And Mr. Fixer Cohen named Trumpty as the UnNamed Conspirator-Collusionist who told him to Do so ! Ho-Hum-Tweedle-dum-dumb-and-dumber !

In the meantime, Paul Manafort, Trumpty’s former Chairman of his Presidential Campaign has also been indicted and found guilty by Jury Trial for eight felonious charges. But he refused to cooperate with Mueller’s (a True American Patriot and Gentleman of Character) Investigation.

Due to Manafort’s refusing to “Rat” Trumpty out (as Trumpty puts it in his Gangland lingo) he is crowing Manafort’s Praises for being a “Brave” Man who in proper Gangster form did not “Break”. While he heaps Bucket loads of Malarkey onto his Fixer Cohen for Breaking and telling the Truth about Cohen and Trumpty’s Criminalities (including their paying off Pecker‘s National Enquirer to Not Print one of the Bombshell Girlie stories, in order to help his buddy Trumpty’s presidential bid out. But how many Peckers can a Mueller pecker peck ? Oooh-lah-lah !).

Trumpty and Cohen are (were) just a big Hush Puppy Machine !

All the while, Mr. Mueller probes and methodically collects and cogitates upon every piece of evidence he and his Team can find. Step-by-step gathering data needed to arrest the Trumpian Regime’s Criminals, and Impeach and/or Indict their Ring-leading Wicked Clown Master. Tah-daah !

And don’t look to the yella’-bellied Cowardly Republican run Congress to do anything about our Presidential Criminal. Nope. There will be little to no Hope of their “Ropin’ this Dope”.
Trumpty’s Fans, Sycophants and Congressional Supporters do support the dangerous National and Global dramas of Trumpty UnReality T.V. Land.

They know he lacks Character, has Transactional moment-to-moment Ethics and Morals, is an Anti-Hero, is a tantrumming overgrown Bad-Boy-Bully-Boy-Play-Boy-Man-Child, and they don’t care.

So, does that make the Republicans who bow at Trumpty’s clay feet of Power Co-Conspirators (Co-Collusionists) of his Found out, and yet to be Found out, Criminalities ? Hmmm…., perhaps we should Putin and his Gang-a-lang-sters !

The Trumpian Regime Team want their Tax Cuts for the Rich. They want their hedge fund Algorithmic moving Trade Wars. They want to destroy the Earth’s Environment for a Profit (they can move to the more desirable areas of the Earth when the Bad Days are upon Us All). They want to Privatize our Educational Systems to place The Other out of an Education. They want to create huge Monopolies which grow into Corporate Empires that control and manipulate EveryThing and EveryOne for a Profit and a Whim (forget Small Businesses and Mom and Pop Shops). They want to create Prisons for Criminals and make People of Color Immigrants Criminals for Profit, and separate them from their Children for a Profit….etc. But don’t tell the Middle Class and Poor who Voted for him, because his Fans think that he working (or playing golf) for Them. Oops !

Why, even the once esteemed Rudy Guiliani declares that “The Truth Is Not the Truth” !

Well, sir, then what is it ?

Is The Lie not a Lie, but the Truth, and therefore the Truth is a Lie ? What a syllogism to Live by ! Oh me ! Oh my !

Thus, are the UnRealities-Realities of the Trumpian Regime Machine ! Clean is Dirty and Dirty is Clean ! Heroes are Criminals and Criminals are Heroes ! What’s Real is a Delusion-Illusion and the Delusion-Illusion is made (forced to be) Real !

That’s the way it is in the Trumpian Let’s Make a Deal, Upside Down is Right side Up World !

Trumpty’s Followers wanted him to Shake-and-Bake Washington and America up with their very own Fears and Angers, Hatreds and Prejudices, because a Black Man dared to Be President in the White House, and was forced to deal with the Great Recession the Republicans had left America to wallow in due to their Ponzi Scheme, Trickle Down, Pyramid Economy (but they can’t admit that to themselves or discuss that in Polite Company) and that Shook them up, and shook out the White Supremacist, Scape-goating Serpents lurking within Dark Hearts of Despair. Ho-hum-Tweedle-dum-dumb-and-dumber !

And those Fears, Angers, Hatreds and Prejudices have given rise to Careless and Calloused Mis-Management of the Whole in order to gorge The Few.

The Corruption-Eruption-Disruption is just now finding Traction - but not with the Rallyin’ Trumpian Regime Supporting Faction. Trump is not Fit to Serve, and his Base Supporters love it ! Go figure !

But hang onto your hats and your Pocketbooks (amongst all of these Well-to-Do-while-Not Doing-Well to-Others) Crooks who pay little to no Taxes (especially now, thanks to Trumpty) while hanging the Middle Class and Poor out to dry on cruelly barbed, and very expensive hooks ! “Cause this is just the Beginning of this nose-holdin’ UnPeelin’ of the Corruption Eruption Disruption !

This Can Be a very Teachable Moment in History of how to make All Social Democracies even Stronger and Smarter, How to overcome Autocratic Dictators and prevent them from gettin’ a dangerous and dis-ruptive toehold into the Inner Workin’s of Our sacred and stalwart Institutions (because they are only as good and as effective as the Folks that run them), and How to Make them last even longer through the greedy needs of the forever Greedy Needy that We the People Choose to Give Power to (and Why Do We continue to Do that anyway ? Do Tell ?) This Can Be a Lesson in How to Choose our Leaders more Alertly and Wisely !

So, be Careful Mr. Trumpty as you trumpet Pardon Me Boy ! But it’s the Trumpian Regime Machine Thuggin’and Chuggin’ along Choo-Choo ! All Aboard ! The Democracy Killers will have their day while The Sleepers dazingly gaze the Other Way !

So Hush ! Hush ! As the Trumpians churn, spurn and burn slowly to have our Darkly Destructive Way ! Shoutin‘, “They won’t know what Hit ‘em” !

So, Hush ! Hush ! “Thought I heard ‘em callin’ My Name” ! Hush !
Hush ! Pay them All off, that’s a part of My Game, now, Hush ! Hush ! Hush !

But, Hark ! Upon the Horizon The Woke are Awake and Shining ! Let ‘em Shine ! Let ‘em Shine All of the
Time !

Beware, Trumpty Choo-Choo, there’s a Detour ahead with a real Cliff Hanger headed your way ! That’ll be the day when you, and your Choo-Choo Chums, will be put away (either in prison or at your homes) for the Greater Good of the Higher and Brighter parts of Ourselves - The Awakened Americans (and Others) Actively participating in their Cherished Democracy of Choice ! All Seeking and Working toward True Freedoms, Equalities and Justices ! So, roll Right on along and into the Cliff Hanging Arms of your dour and sour Swan Song of the Flim-Flam-Flippity-Flop, and whatever future form it eventually takes !

The Awakened of America are Choosing the Song of the Rising Phoenix to fly side-by-side Her majestic Eagle ! And that is the Song which Inspires, Nurtures and Sustains the Hearts, Minds and Souls of the Dignified and Magnified Freedom Builders of the Future, and Invites All to Fly and Sing along in beautifully diverse and complex Singularities and Unities.


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