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The Retaliation Space Commando!
by Leah Sellers
2018-08-20 08:17:24
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In a part of Space in the not so distant enough Future……

As Trumpty attempted to twirl his wobbling Space Laser Guns around on his index fingers he asked Stevo Bunyon, “How do you like my new Space Shooters, Stevo ?”

“They’re alright,” Stevo Bunyon answered matter-of-factly. “Are they P.R. props for your new Fourth Leg of the Military’s Space Program ?”

spaco01_400“That, and for my own personal use as well,” Trumpty said with a churlish gleam in his steely blue eyes. “ The Space Gun on the left is called Power of the Pardon, and the Space Gun on the right is called Blow Away Your Security Clearance “

“Yippee ! Trump shouted as he blasted the ceiling in the Oval Office with laser burns. “Ooops ! Wow, these things really work !”

“Appears that way, Donnie,” Stevo Bunyon blandly agreed.

Trumpty holstered his Space Laser Guns smiling happily and said, “NoBody gets to tell me No about my using My Boys any time I want to against anybody I want to for whatever vindictive and vengeful Reason or UnReasoning I so please to indulge my lust for distractible Chaos and Mayhem. Because I am the President of America, and I will force America and my Slavish Fans and De-Fanged Slaves to Serve me well !”

“My Space Guns are smokin’ with Pardons and Revocations for Everybody I consider to be my Enemy, Stevo. Maybe even Mueller and his Gang.” Trumpty said bluntly.

“You’ve upset a lot of folks with this Revocation of Brennan’s Security Clearance just because you didn’t like what he had to say about you and your Presidency, Donnie.”

“Who cares ! I have shot his Reputation and Career Opportunities full of holes. And the Bozos in Washington will think twice before asking him for any so called Sage Advice in the future,” Trumpty sneered. “they’ll be too afraid of my pulling my trusty Space Guns on them. I have taken care of many Birds with just two laser beam Space Guns, Stevo.”

“I don’t know Donnie, a lot of folks of are saying that they will never Vote again for anyone who has Never had any Public Service Experience or Military Experience or Shared Business Experience where they’ve had to be responsible to and work with a Board or Group of Equal Members in order to get things done,” Stevo Bunyon said seriously. “Everybody’s complaining about your not having any of those basic skill sets, and saying that having to deal with the Error of Your Ways regarding your so-called Strong Man Leadership has shown them the Errors of their Ways in placing you in the Oval Office as their President in the first place.”

“Stevo, America works for Me. I do not work for America. I have no Value System other than my Love of Money, Power and Adulation. In fact, the Magical Three are my Religion. In the end, I owe no Loyalty to anyone or anything but Me,” Trumpty said churlishly.

“Law and Order are not my style, Stevo. You know that. I’m a Crooked Outlaw who Loves Dis-order, because I use it as my Tool of Manipulation and Annihilation to get my Needs and Greeds met,” Trump grinned. “That’s what has gotten me to the White House, Stevo. You know that, too.”

“I heard about Your Parade getting cancelled by the Mayor, the Vets and the Pentagon, Donnie,” Stevo Bunyon said, quickly changing the topic.

“That’s alright, let the Scumbags have their way,” Trumpty said petulantly. “They say it’ll cost too much, and that the money can be better spent on the Vets and the Soldiers. They’re always out to spoil my Fun ! What good is it to be President if you can’t show off your Military and have them honor and glorify you as their leader.”

“But Donnie, you got five deferments for bone spurs to avoid the Military,” Stevo said pointedly. “Why does it matter to you so much ?”

“It matters because I Am the President and everyone needs to do exactly what I want them to do ! I am their Ruler ! What I say goes ! When I say jump, they better ask how high !” Trumpty shouted as his face reddened and spittle flew from his pouty maw.

“I gotta’ show Putin and Kim Jong Un nd Xi how strong I am !” Trumpty continued to shout and spit as he pulled his Space Laser Guns from his holsters and burned a few more holes into the ceiling.
Looking up, Trumpty smiled wolfishly and said,” The NRA Gang would be so proud of me. We’ll all invade Space together, and dominate the less than friendly skies of Planet Earth.”

“Stevo, buddy, you’re looking at America’s first Space Commando. I’m faster and greater than Hans Solo and Flash Gordon wrapped into one enchilada !”

“Enchiladas have always given me heartburn, Donnie,” Stevo said casually. “Where’s the remote for the T.V. ? Let’s eyeball a little of our FOX Propaganda Machine before you catch the White House on fire.”

“Hey, I’ll pop the popcorn with my Space Guns !” Trumpty said excitedly.

“I can’t wait,” Stevo Bunyon said sarcastically as he turned his attention to the Laura Ingram Show.


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