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Trauma - a monologue Trauma - a monologue
by David Sparenberg
2018-08-12 08:34:35
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If a stranger decides to come up to you and take off your hand (and they have the power), it is done.  Your hand is taken!

If a stranger decides to take off your arm (and there is nothing preventing this brutal act of violence)—that’s it!  Your arm is gone.

trauma01_400Now you are missing a hand and an arm.  And the same goes for one of your feet and one of your legs.  Like that—pow!  Horror and convulsive shock and you become one legged and one footed.

What is heroic about this bloody dismemberment?  What freedom has been defended behind the cruel attack?  What cause justifies this sacrifice?

Now if someone unknown to you, another human being, a stranger, an enemy, comes and divides you in half; your body in half and with your body your head, with your head your face; a monstrous transformation: you are made half of who and what and how you were.

You go to a mirror.  You stare at the glass.  What butchery!  What atrocity!  You want to scream.  Before you—there you are, or what remains.  Only… Only…

The remaining half of your body is on the right side of the image.  The remaining half of your head and face are reflected on the left.

The right half of you body is really a headless, limbless torso, mocking the broken statues of antiquity.  Not even a torso, more of a stump, without head, without face, without arms and hands, without legs and feet.

On the opposite side of the mirror image, approximate but disconnected, is half a traumatized head with half a distorted, dehumanized, face.  The one remaining arm and hand hang senselessly in space, with the one remaining leg and foot dangling below.

It horrifies!  The horror of the crime scene overwhelms your senses.  Is this what life is?  How did you get here?  How and why?  Why you and not another?  Why you and not your neighbor? Your divided brain sputters.

You look at who or whatever is looking at you and recite: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall/Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.  But you must be asking, the same as I am asking you now: How does a survivor put the puzzle pieces back together once the puzzle has lost its original design? 

All the kings’ horses, the staff comes in reading from chart, and all the kings’ men… Clueless.  Darkness has sound.  That sound echoes through a tunnel: “light at the end” is an illusion.


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