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But, The Children.....
by Leah Sellers
2018-08-06 07:50:12
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“Maybelle !” Sam yelled as he opened the back screen door and headed for the kitchen.

“Maybelle, I need your help with that Mama Goat of yours. She won’t let me near her or that new Kid of hers. I need ‘em moved to the other pasture, so I can patch up that fencin’ back there.”

Maybelle sat quietly at the Kitchen table staring out the large curtained windows.

deta01_400“Maybelle ? You been cryin’?” Sam queried. Maybelle was a Tender Heart, but she rarely cried over things. She just Fixed what she could, tried to accept what she couldn’t and moved on.

“It’s The Children, Sam.”

“Betty Jo ? Jedediah ?” What happened ?!” Sam said quickly.

“Not Our Children. The Immigrant Children that We have kidnapped from their Parents and abused so horribly.”

“We ?!”

“Yes, We, Sam. America, and We are Americans. This horrible Sin against Humanity is being carried out in Our Name by this Twitterin’-Twit-of-a-Knit-Wit President of Ours and his ragin’ red Republican Gang of would-be Christians.”

“They should all be ashamed ! Christ would probably come down from Heaven to be Crucified again if He could stop such a heinous Act of deliberate psychological violence.”

“We are all inadvertently participating in a Great Sin against Folks doing nothing more than seeking a Better and Safer Life in Our Great Nation, Sam. And look at how We are treating them. Just look at how we are damaging their Children and their relationships with their Children ! They are Human Beings, Sam, not cattle or goats !”

“Maybelle, there is nothin’ we can do about it.”

“I just don’t accept that, Sam. I do not want this blemish on my Heart, my Conscience, my Soul.”

“Especially brought on by a Bloviating Bloviator like Trumpty. A Con Man-Bully-Boy-Play-Boy who Plays with People’s Lives like we’re all his Toys to use and abuse as he Dictatorially sees fit. I don’t like anything he has done, not one little bit !”

“ Speeding up the Privatizing of our Public School and Prisons for a handful of Rich Folks Profit. Deliberately dis-mantling The Affordable Care Act, and handing Our Health and Our Lives back over to the greedy Insurance Companies, Medical Systems and Hedge Funding Bankers for Profit.”

“Cutting Taxes for the Rich for the Middle Class and the Working Poor like you and me to pay for in other underhanded, and bloviated ways. Tariff Wars with America’s Friends and Enemies alike, which are just more Taxes making their way to Our grocery stores, gas stations, shopping malls and the like.”

“The Rich are getting Richer, the Middle Class is being chipped away at and dwindling, and the Working Poor are getting Poorer !”

“The EPA is being ripped to shreds so that the Rich can buy their way into our beautiful National and State Parks, and other Public Lands so that they can tear the Land to shreds, and poison our waters, and drive even more species of wildlife into extinction, for Oil and Gas and other minerals, for the Almighty Dollar !”

“And, Sam, it doesn’t have to be this way. Human Beings are Ingenious and Creative. We need to be Thinking up different ways of Doing things and different Ways of Being that are more People and Earth Friendly. We should not be pooping in Our Own Nest.”

“We are all participating in so many Destructive Obscenities, and they have BeCome Habits. Bad Habits. And Habits, especially bad ones, are the hardest for a body to get out of.”

“But Our Twitterin’-Twit-of-a-Knit-Wit Ruler is the King of the Golden Calf ! He worships it ! He cares nothing for America or the American People other than the Adulation he gets out of his Rally-izing Worshippers, and the Power and Money he can siphon out of All of Us and off of Us ! It’s Despicable !”

“And The Children, Sam. The cries and silent agonies of The Children and their Parents. Torn apart and some never to be Re-United ever again. How could anyone do that ? How could We do that ?”

“Stop sayin’ that, Maybelle. We’re not any part of all of that craziness.”

“Oh yes We are, Sam. Don’t go fooling YourSelf. ICE, and the Republican Congress, and everybody else involved are doing It in Our Name. This Great, Dark Sin will Stain everybody’s lives for some time to come.”

“And, Sam, You Voted for Trump.”
Sam reddened. “Yes, I did. I wanted the Swamp to be shaken up and cleared out, Maybelle. And he was a Rich Celebrity who pointed his finger at folks and fired them into submission when they weren’t doin’ a good job on television. So, I thought I knew him, and that he would throw a Reality T.V. Show monkey wrench into what I didn’t like about Washington. I had no idea that he would Play Off of all of America’s Fears and Hatreds and make things worse than ever they were.”

“Sam, The Donald was an arrogantly boastful pussy cat grabbin’ Scam Man. A Spoiled Rotten Rich Boy and known Liar. He made fun of and Dis-Respected Women, the Parents of dead Military Heroes because they were Muslim, he supported the White Aryan hate groups responsible for killing a Young Lady Protester because she was marching in support of Black and Brown Lives that also Matter, he invited the Russians into our Electoral process to get at Hillary Clinton. What else did you expect ?”

Sam chuffed and said, “Well, I’m not attending anymore of the MAGA Rallies. And you’ve already burned my red MAGA cap, and told me that America has always been great. So, that should make you happy.”

“Well, yes, I have been grateful for that. And I must apologize again for the cap. But every time you wore that dad-gummed thing it mad me see red. And as far as the Rallies went, some of those Folks are just outright Mean and looking for more Meanness to get into. I was always worried about your getting hurt or even hurting somebody else if you got worked up enough.”

Sam calmly glared at Maybelle in silence.

“Don’t look at me that way, Sam. When that Flim-Flam Man gets his Crowds all lathered up they say and do things they wouldn’t normally say or do. You included.”

“Alright, I’ll give you that. I did get riled up every now and then, especially when he’d go after the Fake Newsers….”

“They are not Fake News, Sam. Trumpty however is full of Fake News ! Those Journalists are the Free Press. The First Amendment’s Free Press. They help Us to Guard and Protet Our great Democracy. They keep the American People informed so that We can Know which directions to move the Country in so that America and We can Live up to Our High Ideals - Our wonderful Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities to those Rights.”

“Knowing the Truth about what is going on in the World is important. Not Trumpty’s Prevarications and Lies, and smoke-and-mirror Mazes of UnReality that he wants All of Us to stagger and stumble around in, so that he can Manipulate everybody and every Law he can in order to get everything to go his sick and Dis-eased way !”

“Sam, he’s more than likely a Traitor, ’cause he’s Putin’s and the Russian Oligarchs’ Boy. Trumpty’s getting more and more frenetic and mean-spirited ’cause Mueller and Our American Institutions of The Law are moving in on him.”

“Trumpty is squirming around and twisting America into knots just so he can slip-and-slide his way out of the Trouble he’s brought upon HimSelf and all of America with him as a result of the Electoral College putting him into the Presidency over the Popular Vote.”

“And, Sam, The Children….”

“Maybelle, Honey, come help me with the goats. Then we’ll call down to the local Democratic Headquarters and find out what We can actually Do to help in whatever ways we can.”

“But, Sam, you’re not a Democrat. You’re a life-long Republican. You swore that you’d never leave your Party,” Maybelle said as they headed for the back screen door and the goats.

“I’m not leavin’ the Grand ’Ole Republican Party, Hon. It left me.”


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