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Blue Embrace
by Nikos Laios
2018-08-04 06:14:59
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Blue Embrace

The fish heads
Sloshed in the
Metal bucket on
The swaying deck
embra01_400Splashing drops
Of blood on my jeans
As the seagull hovered
Overhead then plunged deep
Into the blue guts of the earth.
Like a dagger ripping
Through the waves
And the oil spills
And the rubbish
And the centuries
And the years.

Revealing rusted
Anchors and shipwrecks
Bleached bones barnacles
And long strands of seaweed 
Cradled in a deep blue embrace.

I could see it all
From the swaying deck
And swelling blue waves
And the fish guts mingling
With the sea spray slashing my face.

I hungered for this
Deep blue embrace,
But my time would
Come, and I contemplated
This all as I cracked open
Another can of beer
And let it all wash over me;
The beer, the fish guts
And blue waves mingling
Like an aquatic soup.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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