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Trumpty's Candy-Land Game-Land!
by Leah Sellers
2018-07-30 06:48:05
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Come on over, my Republican Party American sell-outs, Rally Rabid Fans and Sycophants ! Come one and all !

King-Daddy Trumpty has brought all of his Reluctant and Rabid Admirers some irresistible Candy !

Don’t worry about all of the damage and havoc my Tariff War against our Friends, Allies, Frienemies and supposed and outright Enemies is doing right here in America, as well as abroad !

I can by-pass Congress altogether with a Law used during the Depression. I can Give the very Farmers who helped me to get Elected in the Electoral College Numbers Game, who like me, complained and howled about the worthless Low-Life’s and Low-Wage Paid-Riders who grovel and groan for Taxpayer Welfare, Twelve Billion dollars of Taxpayer Welfare to see you through this rough patch of my very own Doing and Undoing !

Because I do not want to lose any of you Farmers Votes that Serve Me, My Ego, My Pocketbook and My Autocratic, Fascist Agenda ! See ?! It’s a Win-Win !

golfy01_400Yeah, yeah, so what ! I gave the Rich, like me, a huge Taxbreak for the Middle Class and the Working Poor to have to pick up the Tab on, but that doesn’t effect Me or You, my Adoring Voters, because as long as you’re Loyal to The Donald, I’ll give you all the Taxpayer Money you Need to stay afloat, while we Sink every other Middle Class and Working Poor Leaky Boat who’s not cheering and adoring Me !

No Welfare or Security Clearances or sweet under-the-table-wheeling-and-dealing-deals for AnyOne who Opposes Me and Sees through my Scam-a-lams ! Not from this Bully-Boy, Play-Boy ! Oh no !

But I’ll pour Green-backed Gravy all over EveryOne who Butters My Biscuits, literally and rhetorically. Although, literally might be more interesting….

Yep, that’s me ! I’m your Handy, Dandy, Candy-Daddy !

Come on in, and gorge yourselves on what we All Choose to withhold from Others. Heck, Lock her up ! Lock Them All Up ! Let them bow down before their Predatory Betters, while You All Vote ! Vote ! Vote ! For your Handy, Dandy, Candy Man ! The Trumpty who really knows How and Who to Dumpty and Humpty any Time and Place he Can !


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