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While Mulling Over and Under The Culling
by Leah Sellers
2018-07-19 07:38:35
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“Yep, we want ’em All off of the Rolls ! Our new Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh is gonna’ be a Republican forced-fed, shoe-in ! No more mulling over The Culling ! We want ’em All off of the Rolls !” Senator Huff’nPuff demanded.

“The Rolls, sir ?” His young Aide queried.

“Yep, AnyBody that’s a Waste of Money is off of the Rolls !”

judg001_400“And Who would that group of ‘AnyBodies’ include, sir ?”

“Well, AnyBody with a Pre-existing Condition. That’s Who ! They’re All too doggone expensive !”

“But, sir, it is part of the Human Condition. EveryOne is Born with genetic pre-dispositions for one Pre-Existing Condition or another, that BeCome apparent as Time passes. Some Pre-existing Conditions show up more immediately than others, like Birth Defects.”

“But we are All Prisoners of sorts to the Physics of Entropy. All things, even the Planets, Stars, Suns and Galaxies eventually break down and fall apart. It’s inevitable. Are the AnyBodies to be punished for the
inevitable ?”

“And then there are those who have Accidents or have Injury done to them for a myriad of Reasonings and UnReasonings.”

“And with our present Antiquated Economic System there will always be various levels of so-called Haves and Have-nots. And our Medical and Insurance and Pharmaceutical Systems are all OverPriced for All Anybodies, but the Wealthy Haves - The Few, sir.”

“So, are you Darwinistically challenging Enlightened Equal Human and Civil Rights and Justice under The Law for All but The Citizen’s United Wealthy Haves and The Few, and most of those who work within the OverPriced Medical/Insurance/Pharmaceutical Systems, sir ?”

“Are you saying that only the Privileged, Wealthy, Few are Worthy of Good Health or Survival, and that we should continue to Bankrupt, Stress Out and Let Die the rest of this Nation’s Population, sir ? Even though we‘re dead set against the Abortion of those not yet Born ? And many of those UnBorn-To-Be-Forcibly-Born, sir, will be a part of your AnyBodies Destiny of Ruin. ”

The Republican Senator fumed and sputtered, and turned bright red. As red as the trumpeting Red Elephant mural on the wall behind his massive Tax-Payer-Paid-For-Mahogany-Desk. “I have never liked running things by you, Nephew. You are always so dis-agreeable.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way, Uncle. Entropy works within Relationships, too, sir. Especially when a handful of greedy, careless, thoughtless folks are push-pulling The Masses into a Black Hole of No Return.”

“Speaking of Returns, sir. President Trumpty called and wants you to Return one of his Donor’s Gift’s of sterling silver-plated Big Hands that he received at one of his rallies a few months ago. He wants you to trade it for some under the table cold, hard, cash.”

“He says, ‘you’re the Man for the Job, now that Cohen is caught in a Web of his own making, because Trumpty still claims that he barely knows the man, that he says he once liked and called his Fixer.”

The Young Aide’s Uncle burped loudly and wheezed, “I think I need you to get me a doctor’s appointment today, Nephew.”

“Yes sir. Will you be using your MediCare or your Tax-Payer-Paid-For Supplemental Insurance ?”

“Never mind, Nephew. I’ll make the call myself,” the Republican Senator grumbled.

“Yes sir. Lucky for you, you’re One of The Few.”


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