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Three Things About the Donald Trump...That Make Me Wonder?
by Bohdan Yuri
2018-07-13 05:02:18
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It's rather obvious that the Trump Corporation has benefitted from Donald's role as President.  From the sale of Trump Presidential merchandise to the elaborate behind the scenes "diplomacy" with foreign governments and their representatives, Trump Enterprises has grown prosperously due to Donald's insatiable need to make money.

1. However, I wonder if there is another cash cow that is still to be unmasked - the stock market.

tru0001_400The first year of Donald's presidency the stock market had a steady climb as Trump's flurry of Executive Orders set a bonanza for the business community. That steady growth then had a sudden fall on January 21, 2018 with the government shutdown. Then quickly recovering on the reversal though only to drop another 100+ points shortly thereafter. Which in turn set up another cycle of 100+, followed by another recovery and so on. And we still find ourselves on that same roller coaster here in June, 2018.

Most often these 1-3% price fluctuations were subject to some sort of action or statement by the White House.

The North Korea playbook still has its ups and downs, so does the tariff factor looming in the background. Wars and investigations also play into the ride. But in a White House such as this perhaps there's a more sinister mode just waiting to be exposed. Perhaps Donald has realized the money maker that these quirky signals create not just for the buyback business community but also for entrepreneurs such as he.

I would think that if I knew what the president was going to do ahead of time. I  might want to start investing in the stock market and work the profit angle of each drop in whichever industry will be affected. From what we've seen of Donald's entrepreneurship anything and everything is always in play. Does it make you wonder?

2. And here's another thought regarding the various Non Public Disclosure Agreements that are out there related to Donald.

The stormy Daniel's lawsuit is front and center while others loom in the background still seeking light. And while Donald has denied any misdeeds each accusation that has surfaced has been a testament to Donald's immoral desires and spousal betrayals.

As far as we know the ones regarding Trump were (mis)handled solely by Donald's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. But here's one case that Cohen fixed that doesn't involve Donald, (yet).

Michael Cohen reportedly negotiated a $1.6 million payment to a former Playboy model who said a top RNC fundraiser, Elliott Broidy, impregnated her. Here too Keith Davidson, the former attorney for Stormy Daniels also brokered this deal. What a tattered web we might see here as the possible facts would clear the strands of deceit.

Unfortunately, as a point of Truth finding, only the Donald knows the truth until someone comes forth with courage. I wonder, perhaps we might get lucky and find that Truth in one of Cohen's confiscated tapes,

3. I wonder if Melania, after being subjected to the embarrassment of  spousal infidelity has this on her mind, "Will Donald divorce Melania or will Melania divorce Donald?"....within two years. (The sooner the better, she might think?)

The one thing I don't wonder about is if Donald Trump will last out his presidential term.

The answer is: No!

I think that after this year he will be forced to resign, two reasons:

The Republicans will no longer have total control of the Houses of Congress after the mid-term elections (can't play King anymore) and secondly, the evidence against Trump will be too great to not demand it. 

And so it goes...


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