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by David Sparenberg
2018-07-08 06:47:01
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Follow the repetitions of patterns.  Do not permit yourself the escapism of boredom.  Boredom is a modern dysfunction.  It is part of the urban disease of removal from the rhythms and cycles of nature.  Boredom grows as a fungus out of the debris of anxiety.

Aroc01n awakened person who frequents nature outside of civilization; who let’s go and let’s be and is immersed; knows no experience of boredom.  But is at-one with the relaxed and balanced Tao of flow.  It is shameful waste for those who are trapped in deception and conflicted daily in existential torment between anxiety and boredom.

Follow the repetitions of patterns while you come simultaneously to utter amazement—to life as wonderment abounding and as first democracy—in the uniqueness of entities: snowflakes, persons, raindrops, roses.  Nature delivers simultaneously in uniqueness and patterns.

Ancient sages of cultures without clutter looked at creation this way.  It was from them, the Shining Ones of Shinto and Tao, that Buddha mastered the art of perception.  How soul sees Earth and how soul responds to all that is, this is the mastery of perception. To see creation in the truth of natural light and inter-connective animation is human-lotus at the heart center of comprehensive eco-dharma.

The soul-blind (who lack holistic and depth vision) do not see beyond illusions of anxiety and boredom. The soul denying (hearts cold, egos frozen) have abandoned the empathetic feeling of sacred connectivity.  They are estranged from eco-dharma.  How do the alienated come to know responsibility?  How do the alienated become the compassionate?

Honesty of perception requires the double vision of union out of polarity and, also, requires patience.  Out of the patient balancing of polarities integrity actualizes freedom-in-responsibility and connective harmony flowers into compassion.

If Buddha had lacked the courage of true seeing, how could Buddha have become Buddha and earned the endearment of compassionate?  And Gandhi, yes, had he not had similar courage and the integral simultaneity of patterns and uniqueness how would Gandhi have deserved the title bestowed upon him by his people—Mahatma, Great Soul?

Follow the repetitions of patterns and you will learn justice.  Affirm reverence for uniqueness and you democratize dignity.  In the Beauty Way and through acts of beauty, adhere to unity through diversity and you abide in peace.


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