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I Am So Incensed !
by Leah Sellers
2018-07-06 08:37:47
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Maybelle walked into the Kitchen and abruptly set the groceries down on the counter.

Her Friend, Kate, followed close behind her looking a bit frazzled and did the same.

“What kept you girls so long ?” Hank asked as he took another sip of his coffee. “Sam, and I were just about ready to start our Dominoes Game without you, two.”

border0001_400“Yeah, but we were slow on the draw with that idea, because I can’t think of any self-respectin’ Dominoes Game that doesn’t start off with some good ‘ole chips and dip, and some of Kate’s tasty little finger sandwiches,” Sam drawled good naturedly.

Maybelle looked exasperatedly at her husband and Hank before saying, “I am so Incensed !”

“Well, I’ve been meanin’ to talk to you about that dad-burned new incense of yours, Maybelle,” Sam said as he shifted in his chair. “What’s it’s called now, oh yeah, Petchuli. Honey, it stinks. I don’t like it. The kids don’t like it. And I especially don’t like you usin’ it in our truck…..

“I mean that I am Incensed, Sam,” Maybelle interrupted. “I am not talking about my efforts toward our Family’s homeopathic health.”

“Hank, how long have you been coaching here in Eagle Pass ?” Maybelle asked. “It’s been a while since Sam and I have traveled down here to visit y’all, and I’m not clear on just how long you and Kate have lived here.”

“Nigh on five years now, Maybelle,” Hank answered. “Why ?”

“Hank, Maybelle and I got pulled over by the Highway Police and the Border Patrol,” Kate announced awkwardly.

Both Hank and Sam guffawed.

“Who was doin’ the drivin’?” Sam asked, still laughing.

“I was,” Maybelle confessed. “I took our truck because we had parked right behind Hank and Kate’s SUV.”

“You must have been hot footin’ it pretty fast to get both the Highway Patrol and the Border Patrol flaggin’ you two down,” Sam chuckled.

“I was not speeding, Sam. I did not break any Laws. It was a Check Point,” Maybelle explained.

“A Check Point ?” Sam queried in surprise.

“For what ?” Hank asked. “Has a dangerous Prisoner from somewhere escaped ?”

“No, they were stopping Everybody on that particular Roadway, and asking us if we were American Citizens, and what business we were about,” Kate answered seriously.

“But, you girls are White, middle-aged, ladies. Why would they ask y’all that ? Seems they would’ve just waved y’all right on by,” Sam said trying to make sense of what he and Hank were being told.

“Lordy, I should have known that you would say that, Sam. Especially since your man Trumpty and his not-so-merry Gang of Henchmen is responsible for all of this ridiculous fear mongering fol-der-ol,” Maybelle said agitatedly.

“Hank and I voted for Trump, too, Maybelle,” Kate said quietly. “We’re Republicans, too.”

The Room was immersed in a heavy Silence.

“I apologize. I did not mean to offend y’all. But, nor will I ignore the Ragin’, Red Elephant in the room, y’all,” Maybelle said firmly. “Just look at this mess that we’re all in. Babies and Children are being torn apart from their Parents and Families, who were all just trying to find a Better Life for themselves away from violence and chaos, and being thrown into Cages and Internment Centers and Tent Camps.”

“And now, American Citizens along all of the America’s Borders can be Stopped and Questioned willy-nilly by the Authorities any time, and anywhere they so choose, day or night.”

“This is America ! Not Totalitarian Russia with its Russian Secret Police and Military Stopping and Questioning folks, and demanding their Papers any time they so choose.”

“This is not Eastern Germany, before it’s terrible and deadly Great Wall came down, where folks were always Stopped and Questioned, and had to show their Papers.”

“This is not Northern Ireland, when it was at war with Southern Ireland and England, and folks had to Stop and Be Questioned in the Borderlands, and demanded to show their Papers like a bunch of Dogs having to prove their dad-gummed pedigree !”

“This is not a Nation like so many other Dictatorial, Autocratically Ruled and EnSlaved, Quelched and Quelching places just like them all over the World !”

“No, this is America ! The Land and the Home of the Free and the Brave !” Maybelle exclaimed as she slapped her hands down onto the Kitchen counter loudly.

The Room was again Silent with raw emotion.

“Is that why it took y’all so long to get back ?” Sam asked trying to find a way to lighten things up. “The traffic held up on that Roadway must have been somethin’ else.”
Kate sighed and said, “We were Detained.”

“Detained ? Why, for Pete’s sake ?” Sam asked incredulously.

“I refused to Answer their Questions. In fact, I fussed at them a little bit, and Kate was so mortified that she just stayed quiet. So, they put us in a Jail Cell for a little while, even after they had already looked at our driver’s licenses, and Social Security cards, and rifled through everything else in our purses. They just wanted to drive home a point by keeping us longer,” Maybelle explained hotly.

“I even told them that our milk and eggs were boiling and frying in the car. It was a 102 degrees in the shade outside today. But they didn’t care. They just wanted to Sublimate us, so we’d bend to their UnAmerican behaviors that have been Legalized by Trumpty and his Gang of Thug-a-lugs,” Maybelle quipped.

“Maybelle was so brave,” Kate said proudly.

“I wasn’t brave, Kate. I was just so Incensed by the InJustice and Stupidity that we were Forced to participate in,” Maybelle said poignantly. “You were the brave one, Kate. I know how hard that was for you, especially since my actions got us locked up in the Clinker.”

“I guess that makes us Criminals now,” Kate said with an uncertain grin.

“No, they said they were letting us off with a Warning, but wouldn’t promise to do that again, if we ever refused to Answer their Questions when we’re Stopped again sometime in the Future,” Maybelle said flatly.

“I guess I missed that,” Kate surmised. “I was really in such a state of shock over being locked up that I don’t really remember much of what happened. I must have blocked it out, so I could deal with it better.”

“I do remember that Jake, my little Andy’s Sunday School Teacher, was one of the Officers at the Police Station. As we were leaving he slipped a five dollar bill in my hand to pay for the ruined milk and eggs. Nothing else really needed refrigeration,” Kate added.

“I’ve always liked, Jake. He’s a Good Man,” Hank said thoughtfully. “Don’t you worry, I’ll make sure he gets his five dollars back at Church this weekend.”

“Thank you, Hank,” Kate smiled gently. “And please let him know how much we appreciated his kindness.”

“Don’t worry, Kate, I will,” Hank assured her.

Sam and Hank got up from the Kitchen table and both Hugged their shaken Wives.

Maybelle looked up into Sam’s hazel eyes, “Sam, this is serious. This Mis-Use of the Law to persecute folks that are just looking for a Better Life, and Dissenting American Citizens just going about their Daily Activities, is going to blossom into an altogether different kind of Monster as time goes by and it is incrementally normalized. History proves that. Especially if it’s not Nipped in the Bud in Time.”

“I know, I know, but let’s give it a rest for now, Maybelle,” Sam suggested.

“How about we all go out for some dinner, and play a few Games of Dominoes when we’re done,” Hank offered.

“Sounds good to me,” Sam said agreeably.

As the Couples headed out the back door together, Sam gave Maybelle another Big Hug. “Who knew that my marryin’ a hard-headed Irish would wind up being so confoundedly interestin’.”

“Don’t forget, I’m half hard-headed German, too. I’ve got a double helping of hard-headedness rolling around inside of me, Sam. But I am a One Hundred Percent All red-blooded American Girl, Love of Life.”

“Keep talkin’ like that, Hon, and you can burn all of that stinkin’ Petchuli Incense you like, anywhere you want,” Sam said with a side-ways grin.

Maybelle smiled mischievously and whispered, “Love of my Life, Love of Life, Love of Life….”


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