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by Bohdan Yuri
2018-07-05 07:27:36
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Donald Trump: Russia's Lobbyist in the White House

On January 7, 2017 I had written an article that was published in Ovi magazine. The title of that article was "Donald Trump: Russia's Lobbyist in the White House." I couldn't have been more wrong.

The word "Lobbyist" in the title should have been changed to "Saboteur".

trumputin0001_400Donald Trump was not a lobbyist for Putin and the Kremlin. He may have thought he was if only for the sake of his business, although more than likely, I believe, out of fear. But no, Donald Trump's role in this actual "Spygame" was that of an undercover double agent, albeit maybe an unwitting one.

Grand Puppet Master Putin looked beyond Donald's thin skin and deep into Trump's soul the first time and he saw fool's gold. Immediately Putin knew what it took.

Henceforth, the tricks of Putin's trade were set in motion via Trump who was assigned as a saboteur with the mission of destroying the framework of American Democracy from within.   Thus setting about Putin's true goal of world victory. And so far we are seeing the success of this Mr. Bean-like bumbling Russian agent (lips et al).

Already our three branches of government are riddle with inept leadership from the top, as well as employing the most self-serving abominations into positions of power that confound the sense of logic and reason. And the political parties: spineless, feckless, poofs who only serve their shadow donors. So far everything going according to Putin's plan.

And as an example of Trump's ability to contribute to the potential murder of innocent citizens who might live along such streams, one of Trump's first Executive Orders that he proudly displayed with his Cheshire grin was to allow coal companies in Kentucky to dump their waste in nearby streams. Sure, let's make certain those citizens get enough waste into their drinking water, they could always use more I guess. Coal is good, tune in later....with casualties to come.

Less industrial regulations, less healthy citizens. There are many ways to wage war and Russia is the best at doing so. And as long as Trump refuses to deal with Truths, we are losing.

This was the true "Spygame".  Remember, Trump always seems to accuse others of crimes of which he himself has been guilty. In this guise, this may also fit the crime.

Years from now when True History is revealed how will Trump's role be portrayed? Treasonous or addled? In my earlier article I'd made some predictions:

"...1. By the end of the first year the GOP will ask Trump to resign. He refuses.
     2. By the end of the second year, Trump will resign.
     3. In the third year, under Pence, civil unrest will escalate....neighbors against neighbors.
     4. In the fourth year, a nation-wide civil unrest will turn into a 'modern-type' coup....a government reset."

And that's just a mild version of the domestic side...

As for the world, that depends on the new axis powers: Russia, China,       Iran...and what the free world allows them to do. In their own fashion they are   each already acquiring territories."

And this is my greatest fear and should be acknowledged as our potential future. 

We have become so preoccupied with trying to save the Truth from abuse that we are forgetting what awaits us when the full Truth is revealed. So as a warning:

I still believe that this will happen and my greatest fear is that the Pence presidency may experience a similar civil upheaval that the late '60's did, especially leading up to the conventions. That disorder will happen and when it does then Moscow's mission will have been accomplished because at that time during the Pence presidency all the pent up angers will explode into an all out conflict.

If you remember, back in the late sixties  there were less guns and less explosives readily available to citizens. I shudder to think of the future's violence and potential for the total destruction of United States Democracy in the coming years.

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