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Four months: No cigarettes
by Richard Berman
2007-04-28 10:02:01
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It has now been nearly four months of me being a non-smoker. It has been easy so far and all is going well.

I now see myself as a non-smoker, but it may still be too early to say that, as every now and then, I still put my hand in my pocket to get my pack of fags out, but I put that down to years of having a habit. I have been going out to bars and have been out on hard drinking nights with the boys, but I have not even wanted to light up.

I have been using the Nicorette gum, which I would say has helped me 100%. Without these I would having given in a long time ago, plus I have heard of people using these gums for two years after giving up smoking. I now find myself not needing to use them as much as I did when I started, so I am now cutting down the usage of them.

I was stressing at first that I would pile on the weight straight after I had stopped smoking, but I have been to the gym, swimming and bike riding ever since because I now have the energy to do all this and I have lost weight - not being a small guy before, this is a good thing, the new heavy me.

The strange thing is when I wrote my first story about giving up actually helped me to give up. I felt I had all these people watching me and waiting for me to give in and start smoking again, so I have the Ovi to thank for that.

I now find that I do a lot my things and have more time for my children, well more time because I am not popping out every 15 minutes to have a smoke. I am hoping that my children will never remember their dad as a smoker, since I remember in the last two years my little girl asking me when I was going outside, "Is Daddy going for a fag?" I know that was the point that started me thinking whether she would think it is a good thing to smoke and start up when she got older.

For saving of money, not yet, I don't know where I found the money to smoke. I am now feeling good, and I hope my story will help others to give up.

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Thanos2007-04-28 12:41:02
OK, ok! I said ...I'm thinking about it!!!

Tony2007-04-28 20:55:40
Well done Richard, keep it up :D

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