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Changing Thought Patterns...
by Leah Sellers
2018-07-02 07:02:38
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The heavy-set, red-headed Man who had followed Maybelle into the Office sat down right beside her.
Maybelle knew that he had followed her in, but she smiled and said, “We live in a World of Hurry-up and Wait.”
He put on a smile that looked more like an expression of chagrin, and said, “Yes, we do, and whose fault is
that ?” As though there really was Some One person to point the Blaming Finger at.

Maybelle chuckled and quipped, “Everybody’s, sir. Everybody’s. We all participate in that Thought Pattern together, and that makes us all responsible for the existence of something that makes most folks very UnComfortable and prone to ailments of Stress. We All Do It to OurSelves.”

The heavy-set Man actually looked into Maybelle’s Eyes as if he was meeting SomeOne he hadn’t expected.
Maybelle could understand his attitude. She was dressed plainly and had not a stitch of make-up on her somewhat attractive, freckled face. And she too had become heavy-set since being crippled, and left crippled by the dysfunctional Worker’s Compensation System of the Right to Work for Less State of Texas for over ten years now.

Of course, a very kind and Godly Doctor had decided to do surgery on her left hip, which had been dis-located when her 21 year old, 180 pound, male handicapped student had accidentally fallen upon her in gym class some years back.

Maybelle’s hip had finally completely given out to the point that she could not even get herself out of bed one morning. She called in sick that day for work, and got rushed to an expensive Emergency Room.

The Godly Doctor, and the Beneficent Hospital had taken pity upon her, and through their own Poverty Program had decided to give her one of the surgeries she had needed so badly in 2007.

Maybelle had been dragging her dis-located leg and back around everywhere since the incident.
Now, at least, her hip was fixed, but her injured back was not, and her right knee had been stress injured over time dragging the broken part of her body around for so long. And so Maybelle still hobbled around on an old cane, that she tried not to Resent each and every day.

Every time she found herself wanting to curse her cane, Maybelle would catch herself, and force herself to laugh at herself, and Bless that dad-gummed old cane. Because without the cane she moved around like an old Fiddler Crab on hot sand.

redn001_400“I believe it was Plato that once said something about The Many know nothing,” The heavy-set, red-headed Man said eyeballing Maybelle with unusual scrutiny.

“How do we know that Plato was the first Human Being to say or think
that ? Maybelle asked pleasantly. “For all we know Eve or Adam might have been the first to Think that Thought and Say it. But because they probably didn’t have written language at that time Humankind didn’t become aware of that Thought belonging to anybody until Plato very arrogantly slapped his name on it as though NoOne else in the whole wide world had ever Thought it before.”

“Heck, for all we know a Cro-Mag-Non may have grunted it at a T. Rex one day in the jungle when the giant lizard happened to bump into a Hive of UnSuspecting Hornets he made angry. And those Hornets had a right to be angry. The T. Rex had UpSet their Happy Home and the Life of the Hive.”

“Sometimes The Many know a heck of a lot more than the Hubris-filled The Few or The Autocratic One. It’s all a matter of Perspective.”

“Are you always so argumentative ?” The red-headed Man asked gruffly.

“Some think so, some don’t. That, too, is a matter of Perspective, sir,” Maybelle answered earnestly.

“For instance, in America’s last election, The Many were subverted. The Popular Vote was subverted. The Many Voted three million more Votes for the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.”

“However, the Electoral College threw the Election to the Racist, Dis-gruntled, Dis-enfranchised, Hate-filled, Fear-based Few in a Gerrymandered
Numbers Game.”

“And now look at the Mess We are All in. Our democracy is in peril due to the Corporate Empire Thought Patterned Rule of King-CEO Donny Darko and his Evil Destroy and EnSlave The People and The Planet Minions. Minions who probably all have stinky and repulsive Onion Breath, I might add,” Maybelle said as she wriggled up her nose in dis-taste.

“Trumpty and his Gang and his zombie-like Followers don’t believe in Universal Human Rights. They strive and snarl for their whims and pleasures at the expense of Others and the Planet. They seek to Own and Manipulate EveryThing and EveryOne. They are eating away at the very Pillars of our Democracy like hotdogs at the Ball Park.”

“The President of America is a Sociopathic and Destructive Con Man. A Bully-Boy-Play-Boy. He is not a Leader. He’s a Flim-Flam Man. A well dressed and coiffed Misogynistic, Barbie Doll chasing, Thug, and a Threat to EveryOne and EveryThing he encounters or lusts after.”

“He and Putin deserve one another. They are peas-in-a-pod in many ways. Putin is just better at flying below the radar when he performs all of his hanky-panky, flim-flamming. Everything they do is to Benefit ThemSelves first. EveryBody else and EveryThing else is just an AfterThought of InConvenient Convenience.”

“Trumpty is playing Putin’s sour, dis-turbing and fracturing tune EveryWhere he goes. He insults and alienates America’s Allies all around the World. He leaves the Paris Accords, because he does not care about Earth’s Environment or the Future of Earth’s Children.”

“He backs out of the Iran Nuclear Deal while wanting the same kind of Let’s Make A Nuclear Deal with North Korea and giving Kim Jong Un the Dream PR Campaign of the Year to misleadingly feed to, and poison his People with. Making Kim Jong Un look some kind of wonderful and adored World Leader. Both Trumpty and Kim are yellow-bellied Frauds.”

“Donny Darko got five deferments over imaginary bone spurs to avoid real combat. So, to make himself feel like a Man with Big Hands he cajoles violence toward journalists amongst his sycophantic fans, and threatens Nuclear War with North Korea’s Little Rocket Man.”

“And then he wages a bloodless War on the World’s Economies through Tariffs and other such mis-guided shenanigans.”

“Trumpty is handing America over to her Devouring Enemies from without and within, in order to put Ching and Bling into his own all too deep pockets, and to soothe and keep at bay his Rabid Fans who faun and cheer and fall all over his Mis-Guided supposedly bone-spurred Chicken Feet.”

“And for what ? So his Fans can get the All Too Conservative Supreme Court Judge that they want to replace Kennedy ? So Trumpty’s Fans can tell Women what to do with their Bodies and their Lives without one ounce of Thought for their Human and Civil Rights as Free Individuals with a Free Will ?”

“Those Trumpty-Fans are telling Women everywhere ’don’t you separate that incomplete, cellular Baby from that Mother who is looking for other options and pathways for her Life, but you can yank that Living, whole Baby and Child out of that Mother’s arms, who is looking for better options and pathways for her Baby’s, and her Children’s, and Her own Life, because we See her, and her progeny, as Refuse-gees, to do with as we please.”

“Trumpty Fans want Women to have Babies they can’t afford or don’t want to have due to medical or psychological reasons. They want them to bring Babies into this World filled with Dysfunctional Thought Patterns and Systems that are against them from the very Beginning and do great Evils unto them on many different levels. Systems created by a Few with a Fistful of Dollars or Prejudices who Rule situations with a tight, mean-spirited, UnForgiving Fist instead of a warm, welcoming, Sharing and Caring Open Hand and Heart,”

“Don’t you abort those Unborn, Humans-To-Be Babies, but We will abort the Familial Ties and Life of those Living Children and Parents called Refuse-gees because we see them as Less Than Human.”

“Take the keys and lock all Refuse-gees up ! Lock them away out of Sight and out of Mind !”

“But thank heavens for our Brave and Persistent Journalists and Activists, because they have given what Trumpty and his Gang wanted to be secret a Bull Horn of Moral Conscience.”

“And that Bull Horn has Awakened the Conscience of America, and it is on the Rise against these Evils against basic Human and Civil Rights and Liberties !”

The red-headed Man contained his irritation as he asked, “Now, don’t you think the word Evil is a little too strong ?”

“I knew someone was going to ask me that, sir, so I looked it up in the dictionary and memorized the definition of Evil. And no sir, it is not too strong a word. The Trumpian Regime is Evil. It is Morally and Ethically Anti-Christ and Anti-American Cherished Values.”

“The dictionary says that Evil is that which is Morally reprehensible, Sinful, Wicked, Arising from actual or imputed Bad-Character or Conduct. That which causes dis-comfort or repulsion. Is offensive or disagreeable. Causes Harm, Sorrow, Dis-tress, or Calamity Mis-Fortune, Wrongdoing or Suffering.”

“So, no sir, the Trumpian Regime is Evil, Corruptible and Corrupting, Corrosive, Polluting, filled with Careless Hubris and Ravenous Appetites for Everything and EveryOne in very Destructive, Mis-Calculated, Mis-Leading ways.”

“And those who support and work for the Trumpian Regime and bow down before Trump are participating in Evil, and ThemSelves BeCome EvilDoers.”

But The Many are on the Rise ! We will not let this Evil Regime Stand ! We will Stand Together, Arm-in-Arm bringing about Laws and Policies based upon the premises of First, Do No harm ! Do unto Others as You would have Them Do unto You ! Love each Human Being as your Brother and your Sister. Strive to Do Good in All Ways and in All Things !”

“Through these kinds of Light Energies, with Transformational and Regenerative Phoenix Wings We Can and We Will Rise and Rise again !”

“Do you always get so worked up about things, Lady ?” the red-headed Man interrupted.

“When it comes to the Safety and Health of our Nation’s great Democracy, I do from time, when it’s warranted,” Maybelle said poignantly.

“People are always forgetting that when The Least - The Many are treated well with fair and just Laws and Policies, and freely allowed basic Human Rights and Liberties, that The Few are automatically well taken care of as well.”

“When The Few forget that Ancient Historical Lesson none of us do well for a while. The apple cart always gets upset and overturned. Things take time to Imagine, Create and Build all over again, once again. So, why waste so much time and cause so much hurt, pain and suffering for so Many, when all we have to Do is Change our dysfunctional Thought Patterns. Make our Ideas, OurSelves and our Environments greater than our flaws and our insecurities.”

“But to truly Imagine, Create and Build a Better World We must All Work Together and treat one another Respectfully and Dutifully, sir.”

“By the way, since we‘re actually having a meaningful conversation, I‘d like to introduce myself, if I may.” Maybelle said as she extended her Hand. “My name’s Maybelle. What’s yours ?”

“Taking Maybelle’s hand and shaking it firmly, the heavy-set, red-headed Man said, “Ralph. My name’s, Ralph. Although you are a curiosity to me, I must admit that it is a pleasure to meet you, Maybelle.”

“Same here, Ralph.” Maybelle said heartily. “By the way, I like that shirt you’re wearing. It really shows up those blue eyes of yours.”

“Thank you. The Missus picked out for me.” Ralph answered frankly.

“Maybelle laughed, “I pick out all of my Sam’s shirts as well. Some jobs are just better left to Women.”
They both laughed at one another with knowing appreciation and the possibilities of Changing Thought Patterns……


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