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Eureka: More on the one-state solution in Israel
by Jay Gutman
2018-07-01 08:04:20
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A few notes, with a healthy dose of realism, on the one-state solution in Israel.

isr0001_400-The one-state solution would imply two different things: either an annexation of the West Bank and Gaza by Israel, or a carefully crafted deal with the Fatah, and perhaps even the Hamas, accepting to cede territories, a legal framework and agreeing that Gaza and the West Bank will be Israeli territory governed by Israeli law and by an Israel government.

-Do you realize what I just said? If it's pure annexation, not only will the Palestians resist the annexation, but the entire international community will condemn Israel and perhaps BDS won't be something for radical Marxists or radical Islamic groups. If there's a contract with the Palestinians, whoever signs the contract with Israel will probably be crucified and so will his cronies.

-My point is the two-state solution is the only viable solution. Actually to me there are two solutions we can work with. One solution was the original solution (1949-1968) that is to return the West Bank to Jordan and Gaza to Egypt. The other solution is the creation of a Palestinians state, with all the rights to govern itself and no rights or means to attack Israel or any other state.

-For those daydreaming of the one-state solution, I'll give you a gift. Perhaps you could reason like Mohamed Boudiaf did. Mohamed Boudiaf was an Algerian statesman who believed that the solution to peace in the Middle East was a unification of the Westernized elements in Middle Eastern societies. That is to bring Feminist groups, LGBT groups (Boudiaf didn't talk about those back then), Communist groups, expatriate groups, intellectuals, labor unions etc. and to have them do the talking rather than have radical nationalist (Fatah) or radical Islamic (Hamas) groups do the talking. Boudiaf was eventually assassinated, specifically for investigating corruption among nationalist and Islamic political groups in his country during his short stint as president.

I'll keep it short for the day. A short but important memo.

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