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Tents of Internment and FreeBirds
by Leah Sellers
2018-06-25 05:11:02
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All of the Children and their Parents were a little nervous and excited about meeting One Another.

A Young Boy approached Maria. “Hello, my name is Ahmed.”

“Hello, my name is Maria,” Maria answered smiling shyly. “Where do you come from ? Where do you live ?”

separa0001_400“I am from Northern Africa. I live in a Tent,” Ahmed replied warmly.

“A Tent ?” Maria asked warily.

“Yes. I come from a Nomadic culture and tradition. We wander the African deserts and high mountains carrying our Homes on the backs of wily, hump-backed, spitting Camels,” Ahmed grinned.

“We travel from one Oasis to another, Freely. We travail the dangers and adventures of the deserts and high mountains as Freemen and Sheep Herders,” Ahmed said more seriously.

“Welcome to my Family’s Wandering Tent of the Desert and Mountain Winds,” Ahmed bowed slightly as he waved his arm toward a large, colorful Tent posted to the ground in the distance.

“Thank you, Ahmed, but no. I do not like Tents. I do not see them as Places of Freedom and Security from the Desert and Mountain Winds.,” Maria said earnestly.

“I was kidnapped from my Parents two years ago by the Regime of the Wicked King Trump. He ordered all the Peoples of his Land, all of his Officers and Warriors, and Government Workers and some Business People who wanted to make themselves even more wealthy off of the Immoral Suffering of Others, like me and my Family, to build a Great Wall to keep Others like Us out, and to build Prisons of brick and mortar and Canvas Tents to Divide and Conquer Us within.”

“They placed me in a Great Tent with many Other kidnapped Children. We all cried and begged for our Mamas and Papas, our Sisters and Brothers, our Families, but no one had Answers for us.”

“They ImPrisoned me with all of the Other Suffering Children in a Giant Tent. Tents are not Migrating Homes of Freedom and Adventure to me, Ahmed. Tents are Prisons and Torture Chambers for Migrants without a Home.”

“We left the Violence and Chaos of our Country for the Promised Land of America. And when we reached the Home of the Free and the Brave. The Land of Opportunity and a Good and Peaceful Future, we were Criminalized, Demonized, Separated and Numbered like Livestock, kidnapped, arrested and ImPrisoned in brick-and-mortar and Tent Internment Race-baited EnTrapment Camps.”

“We were Seen as Infectious, Infestations and Invaders not fit or Free to roam at Will and EnJoy Life. We were Diminished-Prisoner-Creatures told what to do and when and where to do it, every minute of every day.”

“Left to Suffer the ugly Misery of Others, and the horrible Miseries within OurSelves, longing for those we Loved and who Loved Us, as we ate our ImPrisoners’ three meals a day, and in some places attended the Feel Good classes set up to keep us busy and forcefully make us feel better, and some of Them feel better, about being thrown into the Pits of Hell.”

“My Family and I were some of the Lucky Ones. We were Lost from One another, but now we are Found, and Lovingly Bound to One another once again.”

“So, please, excuse me, Ahmed, but I am not interested in visiting your Tent. But I am interested in making a New Friend. Will you climb that Hill with me to the Shade of that tall Tree up there by the Running Stream ?”

“We can take our shoes off and wash and cool our feet in the clear Waters as we get to know one another better under God’s Great Blue Sky,” Maria suggested.
Suddenly, pointing up above Ahmed‘s head she exclaimed, “Look at that huge Cloud up there, Ahmed ! It looks like a Winged Horse galloping out of the other Cloud right beside it !”

“See how the Sun shines all around and through it making it look like shaded gold ?!”

“I do, Maria ! I do ! It is a magical Pegasus ! Come Maria, I will Race you to the top of the Hill !” Ahmed challenged Maria as he and she took off side-by-side.

Smiling and Laughing with glee the two Children simultaneously stretched their arms out to their sides, and began flapping their awkward appendages up and down like Birds as they struggled toward the Hilltop.

“Look at us, Ahmed ! We’re FreeBirds !”

“Yes, My Friend, FreeBirds !”


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