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Eureka: Three shades of anti-Semitism
by Joseph Gatt
2018-06-19 09:24:17
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Anti-Semitism, in Q & A format.

Question: what are the three shades of anti-Semitism?

Answer: first, there are those who say Jews should not exist, period. That there should be no Jews. Then there are those who tolerate the existence of Jews, but who don't want Jews to have their government in Israel, nor do they want Jews in any prominent position. Then there are those who don't mind Jews in prominent positions or Jews having their own government in Israel, but who believe Jews should not be located in Israel or in their country, that they should be elsewhere.

ansemi01_400Question: Why would anyone want to rid Jews or not want the Jewish people to exist?

Answer; Mainly because of their belief system. Either because they think Jews are automatically in higher positions or are automatically part of the social elite, or because they think each country should be culturally homogenous and there should be no room for cultural diversity, or because of religious belief systems where the Jews are not described in favorable terms in their scriptures.

Question: Why would anyone oppose the Jews governing themselves?

Answer: For the same reasons. Either because they think a Jewish government gives the Jews more power, or because they believe the land belongs to the Arabs or because their religion does not view the Jews favorably.

Question: Can Jews be anti-Semitic?

Answer: Of course a Jew can be anti-Semitic. There are two forms of Jewish anti-Semitism. One which paints Jewish life in negative terms, where someone can be a Jew but believe that Jews have too much power, are part of the social elite, or don't view themselves as equals or other negative stereotypes. There's another form of Jewish anti-Semitism, one where the Jew thinks that everything Jewish is automatically better, that Jews are part of the social elite and that Jewish world domination is a good thing. Let me reassure you that there is no Jewish world domination.

Final question: Some Jews move to Israel and end up leaving the country for various reasons. Why would any Jew fail their Alyah?

Essentially three reasons. One has to do with expectations. Some Jews move to Israel thinking everything in Israel is necessarily superior, better, where everyone is an observing Jew, that relations between people are smooth and that Israel is the land where milk and honey flows. Israel is a Middle Eastern country where milk and honey are expensive, and a lot of Jews who visit Israel wonder where all the Jews went. In terms of Jewry, Israel is almost like any other European city with a sizeable Jewish community, as you have to look for Kosher goods and Kosher restaurants, those are not everywhere. Pizza with seafood and bacon topings is not unheard of. As for everything being better, life kind of ressembles that of countries like Spain, Portugal or Austria, save the warm weather.

The second reason is the cultural factor, people tend to be spontaneous, treat strangers like best friends and best friends almost like strangers. A lot of people are not used to that. Israelis tend to be loud and passionate. Some say Israelis don't like being criticized or contradicted, but it's really that when they have a point they will have no shame in disagreeing with you, even if you have three Ph.D.s from Harvard, Yale and Oxford. Language is also not that easy to pick up and if you're not good with languages, that won't make Hebrew any easier to pick up. You'll feel like a child again struggling with the language.

The third and final factor is economic. Getting a decent job in Israel is as hard as getting a decent job anywhere, and if you don't have degrees or credentials your job opportunities will be very limited. If you do have degrees and credentials, you'll have trouble finding a job if you don't express yourself with precision and clarity. Three plus years of military service means Israelis tend to be very precise, straightforward, to the point, complete and concise when sharing information. If you can't do that expect some job-related anxiety.

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