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Obama, and Lost Fishin' Bait
by Leah Sellers
2018-06-19 09:25:16
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Jeb and Maybelle had their bamboo fishin’ poles and bobbin’ bobbers in the cool, deep eddies of the Comal River.

“I’m gonna’ pop open a Bud, Maybelle. You want one of your Sparklin’ Waters ?”

“Sounds good to me, Jeb,” Maybelle chirped.

“You sure are quiet today, Maybelle. You wanna’ talk about what’s on your mind ?” Jeb asked easily.

fishi001“You sure you wanna’ hear what I’ve got to say, Jeb. We don’t always see eye-to-eye on some things, you know. And the things I’m ponderin’ over might be a little much for you to take in under today’s blue skies,” Maybelle warned.

Jeb gave Maybelle one of his ‘Amused with the World’ sideways grins and said, “Lay it on me, Babe. I’m a Big Boy. I can take it.”

Maybelle laughed lightly and said,” Well, after all I’m just a little ’ole Country Gal from Texas. What do I know ?”

“Come on, Maybelle. Out with it,” Jeb said more poignantly.

“Well alright you asked for it, Jeb. Just you remember that. And don’t go pepperin’ me with interruptions every five seconds, either,” Maybelle said insistently.

“I promise, Maybelle. I’m just gonna’ sit hear and enjoy my bottle of beer and watch my fishin’ line while I listen to you work out the problems of the World right here in our little row boat,” Jeb said as he pulled his line out of the water to make sure his minnow was still on the end of the hook.
It was, and so he tossed his line back into the water with a small plop, and watched the bobbin’ bobber bob back and forth inside the Ripples it had created within the River’s undulating currents.

“Well, alright, then,” Maybelle said seriously. “Well, I got mad at Trump demeanin’ former President Obama again on the news last night, and callin’ him a bad leader. And tellin’ all of his worshippers, and folks who don’t know any better, and folks like me who actually try to pay attention to what’s goin’ on in the World around them as best they can, that the man he admires most in the World, that Russian, KGB leader Putin, thought that Obama was a weak Leader, and that’s why Putin invaded Crimea, and stole it from Ukraine.”

“He made it sound as if Putin’s Crimes against Humanity were Obama’s fault, instead of their bein’ the fault of the Devil who actually did the deed. Putin, himself.”

“And that is why the G8 became the G7, because Obama, and all of the rest, kicked Putin out of their organization of Nations. And now Trump wants Putin put back into the G7, which Trump, himself, has practically made the G6 Plus One due to all of his Global Trade War Tariff machinations and gyrations.”

“Trump lies all of time and is always creatin’ his own Reality, and then spendin’ all of his time tryin’ to sell that Reality to everyone else around him no matter how damagin’ it is to everyone else around him. Includin‘ America herself.”

“Jeb, you know that I really liked and had Faith in Obama, but I never worshipped him or agreed with everything he did.”

“But I knew that Obama was a Good, Just and Wise man, who Loved the High Ideals that created America in the first place. That Obama was a deliberate man who studied and prepared for things before he made any decisions about them. And that he listened to a whole bunch of Ideas from folks he Trusted and Respected before he finally came to any conclusions about things. He Thought about things before he Acted. He took everyone into account before launching into any decisions. He strove to be Fair, Just, Open-Minded and Open-Hearted. He always tried to be his Better Self for HimSelf, his Girls, his Wife, America and the rest of the World.”

“Obama’s Mind and Spirit embodied and amplified everything that is great about American Ideals. So, why did so many folks, especially in the Republican party, give him such a hard time ?”

“Well, for one thing Obama was no push-over. Even Putin, and all of the other World Leaders knew that. You can be a Fair, Just, Open-Minded and an Open-Hearted Leader, and not be a push-over.”

“And for the other thing, and it is the most important and disturbin’ thing, whether folks want to Admit or not, Obama’s Mind and Spirit was encased within a Vessel symbolic of America’s Greatest Sin - Slavery.

“A Black Man representin‘, and remindin’ folks of generations of the EnSlaved and Deliberately Diminished within the beatin’ Heart and Life’s Blood of our very own Great Nation, America the Beautiful.”

‘The Great Sin that most of us had really never dealt with fully and openly within OurSelves or even within our own Communities.”

“So, when Obama got Voted in as President the ugly Serpent of Racism raised it’s head and struck, venomously poisonin’ that very same beating Heart and Life’s Blood of America through her Algorithmically manipulated Social Media, and Radio airwaves and T.V. airwaves.”

“America’s Enemies and the Enemies of the overall Health and Well-Bein’ of America and her High Ideals took the Conscious and SubConscious and UnConscious Hatreds and Fears caused by Racism, and Financial Stress caused by the Mega-Banks and the Mega-Corporations in the first place, and the Corrupted Politicains doin’ their biddin’ for a price, especially after the Supreme Court and Citizen’s United made Money Free Speech, and so the more Money you have the more Free Speech you have, and exacerbated, and massaged, and twisted and turned them into the Core of America’s Soul. And it divided Americans against one another even more.”

“The Backlash was unavoidable, because all of us were still grapplin‘ with Recovery from the Great Recession, that wound up bein’ a Great Depression for the Middle Class and the Workin‘ Poor whose wages were stagnated while the prices all around them kept right on risin‘ or who were losin‘ their homes or their jobs due to Corporations movin‘ their Businesses overseas for even cheaper labor, because like the Dixie Plantation Owners, they too, Consciously or SubConsciously saw their Laborers as their Slaves - their Wheel Cogs. Not as Human Bein‘s.”

“The Dark rumblin’ and grumblin’ Underbelly of America - Psychologically and Physically Violent Racism, Bigotry, Misogyny, Tribalism, warped and warping Echoes of the Confederacy grew bigger and bigger and more monster-like within OurSelves, our Computers, our Radios, our T.V.’s, our Churchs, our Temples, our Mosques, our Politics, our Neighborhoods, our Friendships, our Families !”

“ It’s a Split into Darkness and Violent Chaos, Jeb. It’s folks telling other folks that “I am Superior to You because of……..It’s a twisted and destructive way of Bein’, Jeb.

“And corrupt and murderin’ dictators like Putin saw this and acted against it.”

“Putin knew that Obama would not be Fooled by him or Seduced by him, the way Trump has been. Trump is attracted to that kind of Dark and Destructive Leader, because that is what he is, and what he will do if he is empowered to get by with it by this feckless Republican party we’ve got right now.”

“But Putin knew that he could wheedle away at Obama’s only weakness, in Putin’s steely eyes and the eyes of other hateful Bigots. The color of Obama’s Black Skin, and every degrading and supposedly inferior thing that represented throughout history.

“Putin and the up and comin’ Trumpian-Bannonite Regime used the Blackness of Obama’s Skin to get under the still Open Wounded areas of America’s Skin, and Infect it to the point of gangrene. Makin’ everyone feel as though It or They or the Other must be Separated from the Body of the American Host in order to save the Host.”

“And so the Immigrants and their Children are the brunt end of Trump’s cruel carelessness. Babes Separated from their parents who are seeking a Safe Haven. A Place of Better Opportunities for Peace and Stability.”

“It is another Great Sin, Jeb. Separating those Babies from their Mothers and Fathers - their Families. It will create terrible and long lasting Psychological and Social damage that will turn around and bite America one day.”

“Even the Affordable Care Act became a victim of Racism and everything it entails. The ACA was created to help the very people complaining about it, because the Republicans lied to them about it, and the Mega Healthcare and Insurance Corporations were against it because it effected their overly bloated bottom lines, and so they gave even more money to the Republicans to fight it. Why do you think they gave it the moniker of ObamaCare. The BlackMan‘sCare.”

“So, now, here we are, Jeb. Stuck in this morass of our very own making. Americans livin’ under the Destructive and Dis-ruptive Rule of a Corrupt and only SelfServin’ Con Man-Autocrat, who sells America out, and subverts her High Ideals and the Pillars of her Institutions, every chance he gets for a buck that he slips into his very own pocket or the pockets of his Family and Loyal Friends.”

“So, what do we do now ? Americans need to Answer for ThemSelves the Question - What does it mean to be an American ? What do Americans Embody and Believe in ? What are the True High Ideals Americans live by ?”

“And Christians like you and me Jeb need to ask OurSelves, ’What would Christ Say or Do about the brutal, UnCompassionate, voraciously greedy, darkly needy, Power mongering, Tyrranical Ways of the Trumpian-Bannonite Regime, and their fellow Worshippers, and mushy Minions, and Violently and Murderously ravenous and stiff-necked Autocratic Pac-Men ?”

“Jeb ? Jeb ?” Maybelle asked as she nudged Jeb for an answer. “Jeb, wake up and check your line. You lost your bait five minutes ago.”


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