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Oh, You're One of Those....
by Leah Sellers
2018-06-17 07:59:22
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The Woman sighed. It had been a long day. An unexpectedly long and hard day.

She had run into an old Friend with her most recent Partner.

“Oh, you’re One of Those.”

“Excuse me ?”

lgb001_400“You know, One of those Bi-Sexuals. One of those LGBTQ Creatures. One of those Creatures that bounces from a man to a woman and back and forth from one to the other at the drop of a hat.”

“You Know, One of Those.”

There it was. Those violent, life sucking, judgmentally ignorant of the Real Truth’s words. “Oh, you’re One of Those.”

You are the Other. The Creature to be vilified and ostracized. To be cast down, spit upon and stoned. Your Reputation torn to tatters no matter your Intelligence, Gifts and Talents, and Good Intentions and Deeds throughout your Lifetime. You are One of Those…..

You will never be Accepted. You will be barely Tolerated or outright Shunned if you do not BeCome a Secret to YourSelf and to the rest of Normal Society. You are One of Those…..

You are a deviant Sinner. You are a walking, talking Sin. You must be made Silent - Invisible because, you are One of Those…..

Your very existence makes Normal People UnComfortable. No one likes to made UnComfortable or to have their Buttons Pushed, whether you intended to do it or not.

A common, every day Hug Becomes an UnComfortable taboo for some to shrug off or avoid altogether, because you are One of Those…..

You are always Suspect. Always to be Diminished. Always to be Sabotaged. No matter what, because you are One of Those…..

You are to be Hated. You are a Threat. You are freaking toxic waste, because you are One of Those…..

You are the Modern Day Leper. The UnClean. The Defiler of Past Societal and Cultural Norms steeped in the Lack of Scientific Knowledge, and the casually familiar Acceptance of Natural Biological Genetic Variances and Differences.

You are One of Those…..The Other…The Feared…The Different…The UnFamiliar…The Black Nigger…The Brown Spic…The Yellow Chink…The Red skinned Injun… The Cracker Paddy…The Camel Jock…The Jock who Bends the Knee in Protest for Non-Violent Equality…The Protester…The Immigrant…The Animal…The…

You are One of Those…..

For all of Them, the Accusatory Villifiers, the Earth is Flat, and you are to be Flattened and trod upon !
You are a Cognitive Dissonance. You are a Societal Pariah. You are a Societal Confliction. So, so-called Normal Society will strive to Restrict and Conflict you even more with further Restricting Inflictions of
Confliction !

You must Conform to the UnEnlightened Flat World’s Norms or They will Crucify you in as many insidious and painful ways as They can think of, because you are One of Those…..The Dreaded and Hated Other.

It is in Humanity’s written Patriarchal His-Stories that They are told to Hate you, Reject you, ImPrison you, Kill you, just as We are All told that Women and Children are a Man’s Property to be kept, bought and sold as a Man sees fit.

That Man Owns it All. Women and Children are to be Seen and not Heard, because His-Stories survived ancient times, and found UnQuestioned Divinity within the Human Mind, Heart and Soul.

And We All Know what Man wrote and said in the Old Testament, and most other Old Sacred Texts is Gospel. We All Know how Man’s Biblical God feels about Creatures who are One of Those…..A Genetic Deformity of Non-Conformity (even though God Made and Created Things, and rested on the seventh day because All Was Well).

The Woman was tired. So tired. A familiar, Life draining Fatigue was settling in.

She reached for her Journal, and Read the script in her handwriting from a yellowed and much used page.

She was a New Testament Gal.

I Corinthians 13: 1-8
The Way of Love
“If I Speak in Tongues of Men and of Angels, but have not Love,
I Am a noisy gong or clanging cymbal.
And if I have Prophetic Powers, and Understand all Mysteries
And all Knowledge, and if I have all Faith, so as to Move mountains, but have not Love, I Am Nothing.
If I give away all I Love, and if I deliver up my body to be Burned, but have not Love, I Gain Nothing.
Love is Patient and Kind;
Love does not Envy or Boast,
It is not Arrogant or Rude.
It does not insist on its Own Way;
It is not Irritable or Resentful;
It does not Rejoice at Wrongdoing
But Rejoices with the Truth.
Love Bears All things,
Believes All things,
Hopes All Things,
Endures All things.

The Woman closed her eyes briefly. Gently smiling, she placed her Journal back into its place on the Library shelf, and chalked the Humiliating and Negative Experience up as just another One of Those days. Tomorrow was a New Day.


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