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Notes on Iran
by Jay Gutman
2018-06-15 05:35:56
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A few notes on Iranian modern history, culture, society and politics.

-When the moderates failed. Iranians were exceded by the Shah's excesses and brutal regime. His cronies lived the high life, and arrested anyone who criticized him and his cronies for living the high life or who talked about political change. You had nationalist movement, Communist movements which were both secular, but eventually the Islamists won and dethroned the Shah in 1979. The Islamists won because Mosques were the center of political gatherings and the secret police would not interfere with mosques out of respect. Nationalists and Communists did not have the equivalent of mosques, that is a place where they can gather and discuss politics without being persecuted.

-iran0001_400Fighting Iraq. All kinds of reasons were given for the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s but it was mainly unsettled debts and accounts that led to the two parties going to war. The war was a war of attrition, and both sides fought until the losses, mainly financial and military losses, were too big to carry on.

-Financing Islamic revolutions and underground Islamic political parties in the Arab world. If you want to start a political organization with the goal of establishing an Islamic republic, or want to set up an association fighting Jews or Christians, you will have Iran's back. During the 1979 to the present period, Iran funded several political and cultural associations, giving them real estate and in some cases cash and weapons to fund their projects. Iran is also a “school” where a lot of European and North American anti-Semites and anti-Semitic organizations are welcomed and trained, often treated with respect and deference.

-Death to America, death to Israel and the nuclear weapon. Iran has won the respect of ultra-nationalist movements who want minorities out of their countries, Communists who want capitalism out of their countries, and Islamists who want the whole world to convert to Islam. Iran views America and Israel as business, media and financial alliance where the media censors ultra-nationalist, communist and Islamic voices and gives such movements a bad name, controls corporations and financial institutions to fight such radical movements. Iran wanted to acquire the nuclear weapon to fight such movements and did not blush about its intentions. Iran organizes ultra-nationalist, communist and Islamic conventions, conferences on racial supremism and Holocaust denial, among other causes.

-Europe, in the name of cultural relativism. After the 2008 recession, which Iran said was a punishment from God to cause misery among non-believers, many European and North American countries wanted to resume trade with Iran, which was under heavy sanctions. In exchange for crude oil, European and North American businesses, who were suffering losses and sluggish exports, wanted to rebuild Iran's crumbling infrastructure and start food and industrial trade in exchange for crude oil. Iran welcomed to move, but did not change its mind about ultra-nationalists, communists or radical Islamic movements.

-The Iran deal. The JCPOA was meant to resume trade with Iran in exchange for Iran halting its nuclear and ballistic activities. After the JCPOA was signed in the fall of 2015, several dozen countries rushed to Iran to sign a massive number of deals in exchange for oil. I remember South Korean firms signing 66 deals and President Park Geun Hye calling Iran a “blue ocean” that is an untapped market that will calm the decline in South Korean imports. Many countries and corporations saw Iran as the untapped market that would be their new source of funds. Oil producing countries cringed though, because oil prices declined considerably because the deal was not gradual but was all in one shot, and failed states cringed because Iran was moving its troops there.

-Moving troops to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and Yemen, proselitizing around the world. Once the JCPOA was signed, Iran rushed to move troops around the Arab world, officially for protection and policing purposes, but really to establish bases to fight Israel, and later Europe and the United States. The alliance with ultra-nationalists, communists and Islamic organizations is not a coincidence, but is meant to eventually seize the media, the financial system and corporations with the view of converting the rest of the world to Islam. Iran is the only Islamic state which rules its state with such plans.

-Morality police, totalitarian Islamic views and corrupt officials. Law is based on the Sharia, and breaking the law has severe consequences and penalties. People caught with a Bible or having pre-marital sex can be executed.

-and finally: double standards. Iran tolerates European businesses, European businessmen and non-Muslim ultra-nationalists or communists who intend to fight the Jews and Christians in their home country. Iran listens politely to European businesses, ultra-nationalists or communists, agrees with them politely, but the end goal is to build the kind of armament that would do the Hiroshima and Nagasaki trick: Europe and North American unconditionally surrendering, and applying the Sharia law. Iran finds Israel to be a top priority because Palestinians need to be liberated, but Iran is not done settling accounts with Europeans and North Americans. First it will be revenge for economic sanctions, next it will be revenge for putting radical Islamists in prison and fighting against radical Islamists around the world, then eventually it will be revenge for non-Muslims not believing in Islam.

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