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Welcome, to the Trumpian Age Of Absurd Profanities and Insanities! Welcome, to the Trumpian Age Of Absurd Profanities and Insanities!
by Leah Sellers
2018-06-14 08:22:13
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“Yeah, man, yeah,” Trumpty answered quickly. “You gotta’ Respect that Kim Jong Un. That Little Rocket Man. He came to power when he was twenty-six. And he hung onto to it.”

“Of course, he had to kill his Uncle and his Brother. You know anybody who dissented or disagreed with or spoke out against him. But I don’t comment on that, because he’s a Winner. And his being a Cold-Blooded Murderer and Torturer and Starver of his own people so that he can live like a King has made him a Winner. He’s got Talent and Smarts, and you gotta’ Respect that.”

kimtr001_400"And Xi, the CEO Emperor of China is a Winner. He manipulated things in China to the extent that he got the people to Vote him in as their Permanent Emperor. And Emperor’s are like Kings. He and Putin got by with it, so I’m gonna’ give it shot, too. They get away with Murder, just like I could with my Followers and Sycophants. They see me at the Rallies and they wet their pants. Hee-hee !

“Yeah, I like Effective Leaders. You know the kind that can Murder, Bully, Be Autocratic, kow-tow all of the People, set up Prisons and Gulags for their Dissenters and Journalists, and criminalize them, and Rip off the Wealth of the Country for their Autocratic Selves and their Families, and their Friends and Cohorts.”

“Yeah, you gotta’ Respect the Putin’s, Kim Jong Un’s, Duterte’s, and other Autocratic Dudes like that who become successful Autoc-rats, Plutoc-rats, Oli-garchs, Monarchs and Kleptoc-rats. You know all of those arching, garching Rats, as long as they’re not meddlesome and bothersome Democ-rats ! “Cause those Autocratic guys all have Talent and Smarts. They’re Good Negotiators like me. Hee-hee !

“And it’s important that we’re supported by the Hitlerian, KKK, Racist, Bigoted Bannonite tupes. You know the Right Wingers as displeasingly stout as the Spanish Inquisitors, and the folks that Murdered and Pillaged and Tortured and Imprisoned all of the Protest-ants for England’s Bloody Mary during her Vampiric reign.”

“Boy, for her is was not good enough to be a Good Christian or a Good Man or Woman. You had to be a Catholic. And today we have the Evangelicals preaching and teaching that you must be an Evangelical or you’re going to Hell. And that Muslims are bad. And the Muslims think that the Christians and the Buddhists are bad.”

“In fact, somebody told me that there are Christians who think that they are better than other groups of Christians. And Muslims who think that they are better than other groups of Muslims. And Hindus that think that they are better than other groups of Hindus, and Buddhists that think that they are better than some other groups of Buddhists, and so on and so.”

“And that there are even some Atheists that think that they are better than other groups of Atheists. And some Agnostics that think that they are better than other groups of Agnostics.”

“Whew ! How does anybody keep up with all of that ?! Huh ! Not me, I’ll tell you. I’m interested in one thing Money, and all of the Ching and Bling, Attention and Adoration it can bring my way ! Hey-hey !”

“Well, back to the Question you asked me about. You’ll have to forgive me. I have tendency to ramble sometimes. Especailly if I don’t like the topic.”

“Anyways, so now, Kim Jong Un, the Talented and Smart Murderer, Torturer and Starver of the Masses for his own Vain Gain and Glory has now been made Legitimized and Honored by being with Presidential, King-Don Trumpty, Me, at this Summit in Singapore.”

“Forget Human Rights. Let Kim have his Gulags and Prisons. I’ve got me a few Privatized Prisons in America separating Immigrant Children from their Immigrant Parents right now as we speak. You gotta’ start normalizing these Gulags and Prisons somehow, and for me the Immigrants, and for Kim the Dissenters, Journalists and other such riff-raff are as good a start as any.”

“Anyways, I like Kim. I Respect him, because I Get him, if you know what I mean.”

“And China and North Korea want me to get rid of the Military Exercises that they call War Games with South Korea. And I’m gonna’ do it. The Chinese have already done Business with me at my place in Indonesia by investing a half a million bucks in it, and helping my Daughter out with her Trademarks, in exchange for giving the go to that ZTE Corporation that was ripping off and spying on our American gadgets, and Government and Corporations and Citizens. But who cares. I love the Money pouring in my way !”

“Money Trumps People ! And while I’m making more deals under the Bamboo Tables, and Putin Stables, America will be able to save a bundle by giving up on the Military Exercises with South Korea, and eventually moving all of our troops out of there.”

“It’s important to please the Chinese and North Koreans right now, because I want that Nobel Peace Prize for settling the Nuke Problem, and being the Savior of the World ! I’m even going to make a movie of it when I’m done !”

“It’s all about Money ! We were put on Earth to make Money, and to make Money the only thing that will buy you Freedom, Happiness, Opportunities, Future Possibilities, Sweet Liberties and Justice for One and All that views everyone with Money Equally !”

“It’s not Ideas that give you access to all of those things. Those are Privileges to be Bought and Sold and bestowed by Autocrats like me. They are Not Human Rights ! You don’t have Rights unless I tell you that you do ! That’s how Kim and Putin and Duterte and Xi, and all of the other Dictators do it. And the Trumpian-Bannonites and others are Dis-mantling democracies, and our Alliances with democracies everywhere to make sure that it happens ! Hey-hey !”

“All of that Human Rights stuff is Poppycocking Malarkey, says Me, The King-Don Trumpty ! Hee-hee !”

“My Autocratic, Hell Raising buddies and Me are Re-Shaping the World before your very Eyes, as you all Look on and Watch in Shock and Surprise ! Dictatorships are on the Rise !”

“You just keep on gawking and squawking instead of taking to the Streets to Stop Us ! The World is Our Big Mac on a Clam Shell !”

“We’re here to give you and put you in the Devil’s own Hell for the Right Price, because Money is more important than People and High fallutin’ Ideas for Good Fella’s like Me and My Ilk !”

“We’re here to take advantage of Everyone and Everything ! Here to cajole and bilk and milk you all into Subservient EnSlavement to Our Selfish, Hubris-filled and Warped Wills !

“So, take the Blue Pill and swallow it ! Or was it the Red. I forget, but anyways, who cares, ’cause one way or the other We’ll put you all to Bed !”

“And, don’t try to make Me, King-Don Trumpty, feel bad about what We’re all teaching the Children ! We’re teaching them how to be Winners ! How to be Successful World Leaders ! How to be Talented and Respected Faithless Murderers and Ravenously Greedy Thieves, and Power Mongers !”

“We’re teaching the Children to think and be able to say, “Bow down before Me ! Adore only Me ! Totally Me ! Look upon Me as a Divinity, and we’ll all be fine as wine and dandy as candy !”
“Trust me, you’re in Good Fella’ Autocratic small Hands ! Don’t, and we’ll put the squeeze on you and yours with great alacrity and ease !”

“Yes, We’ll teach your Children well ! Their Autocrats Hell is what they’ll Live By and In ! So, let’s us Begin - actually Re-Begin the Cyclical Dark Ages all over again ! Because some Lessons are never Learned, but they are Earned !”

“So, Welcome One and All to Humanity’s Cyclical Re-Occuring Chaotic Nightmare made new as a lemony used car ! Where Narcissistic Austocrats like me are made Reality T.V. Stars ! Welcome to King-Don Trumpty’s World of Betrayed Friends, Allies and Alliances for Ching and Bling Opportunities and personal green-backed Pay-offs elsewhere, ’cause Leaders like me Work and Exploit for OurSelves and Money. Because We and Money are all that really matters !”

“We’re all about Broken Promises and Lies, and living inside a Disguise with a Smile and a Handshake. A Wink and a Nod, and a Big Mac with Cheese if you please, with Fries and all kind of things Baked into the Cake !”

“Who cares about Nations and their Peoples ?! They are Collateral - Our Autocratic Capital to drag around like an old Piggy Bank to Use and Show-off as We may ! That’s what Autocrats do, until we’re forced to Stop by The Many !”

“So, welcome to King-Don Trumpty’s World and the Age of Absurd Profanities and Insanities ! Hang on ’cause the World is in for quite a Wild and Hellacious Ride !”


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