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America's National Security Threat?! America's National Security Threat?!
by Leah Sellers
2018-06-11 07:56:02
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“They said I, King-Don Trumpty, was America’s Number One National Security Threat ?!”

“Yes, Boss.”

“Well, I like the Number One Rating, but I’m a little unhappy about the National Security Threat thing. Although the Threat thing could work to my advantage. It plays into my Master of Chaos theme. Leave ‘em Guessing. That‘s my motto. Well, one of them at least.”

trumpg00001_400“That’s understandable, Boss.”

“Is it because I want FOX’s Sean Hand-Dandy to be my brown-nosing Attorney General, over that disloyal, Self-Recusing, Sessions ?”

“Well, yes Boss. For that reason and more.”

“What ? This mess with Stormy Daniels ? Rudy’s taking care of that. He’s got that covered. He’s smearing Stormy, the FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department, the democrats, and anybody else I tell Rudy to all over America’s the World‘s airwaves and boob-tubes. He’s a good Bully-Boy Dog. Lots of Bark and Bite.”

“Rudy’s just as misogynistic, racist and arrogantly autocratic as I am. He understands what it takes to be a great Leader in this World.”

“Yes Boss. For those reasons and more.”

“People are taking my deliberately corrupting all of their democratic pillars in order to save my own skin way too seriously, Mikey. I have always been the Prince of Lawlessness and Dis-Order, and now I‘m the King of it. I have made my Living being just that all of my Life. They knew that when they voted for me. Well, maybe not everyone knew, but that’s on them. And don‘t bring up my losing the popular vote by thee million votes or I‘ll have to shoot you on Fifth Avenue.”

“I’m just kidding, you know that, right, Mikey ?”

“Yes Boss,” Mikey said a little uncertainly wiping the sweat away from his nervous brow.

“Then there’s my mess that me and my henchmen and women are working over time to hide and bury about my accepting bribes and payoffs from foreign countries and domestic Corporate billionaires all of the time. But that’s nobody’s Business but mine. All mine.”

“I have taken advantage of people my whole Life. People Love me for it. It makes me a Winner.”

“Yes Boss. If you say so, Boss.”

“I do say so, Mikey. You getting smart with me ?”

“No, Boss, you’re the only Smart one in the any room at any time, Boss.”

“That’s right, and don’t you forget it.”

“I won’t forget it, Boss. You’re good at always reminding me about it.”

“Then there’s this Immigration Fiasco everybody is complaining about. And it’s the only thing Sessions has done right. But the Snowflakes are melting all over the Mama’s having their Babies ripped out of their arms no mater what.”

“And they don’t like the Warehouses full of cages and thin blankets that all of those 11,000 kiddos are being housed in like animals in a dog pound, while they’re waiting to be processed. The Wimps !”

“Well, there is that, Boss.”

“And they don’t like my playing with my Executive Power of the Pardon, and pardoning everyone they have rummaged up to Testify against me, and possibly even have me Impeached or sent to a Prison similar to the Warehouses I have arranged for all of those Immigrant Kiddos to have to exist in away from their Parents and other people they may love.”

“Yes, Boss. Turn about is fair play, Boss.”

“What ? You think that sounds like a good idea, Mikey.”

“No, Boss. I don’t know what I meant, Boss. I think I just had a Brain Aneurism, Boss. They run in my Family.”

“Better get that checked out, Mikey, before the Insurance Rates go really sky high since me and the Republicans ripped a real bleeder into that Do-Gooder Obamacare. The Healthcare Systems are gonna’ make a mint on all of the Sick, Disabled and Desperate. And that’s just good Business. Predatory Capitalism at its best ! And that‘s what we are, Mikey. Super Predators !”

“Sure thing, Boss.”

“And speaking of sickness, I’m sick and tired of everybody pounding on me about liking and admiring my pal Putin. I like a Smart Man with no Conscience or Ethics, who’s willing to do anything to anyone or any country to get his own way. You gotta’ Respect that !”

“Yes, Boss.”

“And the EPA is being de-regulated, stripped, crucified and sold out to the Mega-Corps at my behest, because we need to rape and poison the land and waters to make a buck for The Few. Who care about how it effects the measly Many ? Me and my Rich Pals can afford to move to Healthier places to survive. Who cares about anybody else or the rest of the World ?”

“I, King-Don Trumpty, only care about me and mine. I don’t have time to consider anyone else.”

“Well, I do have to stay focused for at least a minute or two on this upcoming Summit with Little Rocket Man, the Man on the Moon and the CEO Emperor of China. And that G7 Conference where all of America’s soon to be ex-Allies and ex-Friends are threatening to punish America for my decisions to label them all as a National Security Risks, as an excuse to have a Tariff War with everybody, including, but excluding, China.”

“I do need to make those things, but I’d rather be Golfing and watching Porn.”

“Yes, Boss.”

“Did you know that the Staff won’t allow me to watch Porn in the White House ! Why do they think I visit Mired-in-Sludgo so often ? It’s just about the only place I can find a private pat on the back from folks who want to bribe and butter me up or be able to watch as much Porn as my small hands can flip the remote control to.”

“And the Crew appreciates that, Boss. But there are some other Wise Guys who don’t appreciate it as much as we do.”

“Which ?! The Golf or the Porn ?”

“Oh, both, Boss. Both. But it’s great watching Porn and then yucking it up over the best parts with you over a good game of Golf, Boss.”

“Ha ! Yeah , I know what you mean. But I can’t let Melania hear about it. And I especially don’t want her believing the Truth about this Stormy Daniels Affair, because I don’t want trouble at home. We’ve got a special arrangement. A sweet deal, and I don’t want that messed up.”

“Well, to heck with all of them, Mikey ! Because the Man Who Would Be King BeCame King-Don, and I’m not giving up the Crown ! Not for all of the pussy cat grabbing or back stabbing or Greater Good Conscience dabbling or dabblers in all of America and the World !”

“Yeah, Mikey. I, Trumpty-Don, Am King. Even Little Rocket Man, the CEO Emperor of China, and my pal Putin can’t Trump that !”

“As for Friends and Allies. Who needs them ? They just got in the way of my, and Bannon’s, and Fox’s, and Hand-Dandy’s, and Sinclair’s Media Corporation’s, and other rumbling, grumbling Nationalist Movements Fourth Reich-like Utopia’s Plans !”

“Or is that Dis-Topia ? I get confused.”

“I think it’s Dyspepsia, Boss. I get it a lot lately.”

“Yeah, that sounds right, Mikey. Welcome to King-Don Trumpty’s World of Dyspepsia !”


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