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Eureka: Anti-Semitism on college campuses: a comprehensive look
by Jay Gutman
2018-06-09 08:43:01
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There are essentially four types of university cultures. There's what I call the Harvard Business school culture, the Arizona State University culture, the Berkely University culture and the Rugby High School culture. Let me discuss these as I discuss anti-Semitism on modern college campuses.

The thing is in today's day and age we tend to think of all college campuses as working the same way. They don't. Some campuses have activist components to them, while others are more party-oriented, while others are more study-oriented. Let me discuss activist campuses first, then discuss the rest.

Activist universities. There are essentially three types of anti-Semitic activism in universities: ultra-nationalist activism, Marxist activism and Islamic activism.

coll0001_400Ultra-nationalist activism: Ultra-nationalist organizations believe that the “Jews” are behind the whole discourse on multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity. They tend to oppose mutlti-culturalism, tolerance and diversity, because to them diversity is more of a source of crime and social problems than something to celebrate. Ultra-nationalists believe that the “Jews” are trying to cover up for their financial, media and corporate crimes by shifting the focus on other minorities who commit pettier crimes. To ultra-nationalists, the United States dedicates too much time and effort to Israel, a country with what they say has little strategic interests for the United States, and that the Jewish lobby is aiming for world domination by shifting the focus on other minorities.

Marxist activism. To Marxists, Zionism is colonialism and the Jews stole Arab land in 1948. I often try, in vain, to explain to them that before 1948 the populations of Palestine under the Ottoman empire and the British mandate were transcient, moving from one region of the Middle East to another, and that the notion of Nakba and losing “static” homes really emerged in 1968. Other than that Marxists believe that Israel and the Jews control finance, the media and the corporate world, engage in unfair trade, that Jews don't view themselves as equals with other populations, and that Jews are contributing to the lack of egalitarianism in the world.

Islamic activism. To Islamic activists, Zionism is the occupation of the Holy Land, and needs to be fought with Holy War. To them, the Jews, belivers in and followers the Prophet Ezra who gave his name to “Ezrael” want the rest of the world to ditch Mohamed or Jesus for Ezra and are very subtle in their conversion tactics. They use money in their conversion tactics, that is control finance, corporations and the media to slowly convert the rest of the world to following Ezra. That is because you need money, you will have to follow Ezra.

Now there are other forms of activism in universities, including activism for animal rights or for vegetarianism, actvism for the legalization of marijuana or for the legalization of aborition, and anti-government activism that has nothing to do with the Jews. And unfortunately, there are many Jews, including some Jewish organizations, who more or less believe in ultra-nationalist or Marxist activism, including the anti-Semitic forms of it.

Party-oriented universities. Some universities don't focus on activism but have wild parties and are famous for those.

Ambition-oriented universities. Some universities are mainly about networking with businessmen and politicians, working on startup projects and trying to get jobs or start businesses.

Academia-oriented universities. These universities tend to be the minority, and the focus is on studying academic topics, getting good grades and being on time for class.

Theater of the absurd universities and diploma mills. Some universities hold classes only in name, register students only in name. Some of those universities make students show up for classes that are devoid of content, while other universities don't even ask students to show up. 

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