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Trade Skirmishes, Battles and War And North Korea Nuke War, Reality Show Trauma Dramas Trade Skirmishes, Battles and War And North Korea Nuke War, Reality Show Trauma Dramas
by Leah Sellers
2018-06-04 08:11:52
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“Alright, President Trumpty. We’re ready to Roll, sir. Lights, Camera, and Action !” The Trumpian Minion proclaimed.

“Okay,” Trumpty answered casually. “To begin with, get ready Allies because in my grand tactics and strategies you are about to be Royally Betrayed !

“Your Tariffs are going Up on anything containing Aluminium and Steel !”

realtru0001_400“As for China, who I have already said is the Real Reality Reason I am punishing everybody else but them, is on Hold regarding me saying anything to them about Tariffs.”

“Well, there was that ZTE deal that I let slide after they gave me a half billion dollars for my Playlands for the Rich in Thailand, but that’s my Business, not anybody else’s.”

“Aside from that, and some other things in the Cooker like Ivanka’s five Chinese trademarks for her merchandise, and some other things Me and My loyal cohorts and cronies are stewing over, China is out of the mix for now. Got that ?! Good !”

“Besides, I need China to help me twist the arm of North Korea’s Little Rocket Man to get rid of all of their Nukes, which I expect them to do overnight for my Fan Base and Sycophants.”

“I may even try to get China to pay for my Wall, but that’s for another Summit. First things, first, and that’s the Nukes, and more Chinese money coming my way, without anyone else knowing. Hee-hee !”

“So, as planned, we’re just gonna’ hurt our Friends and Neighbors instead of China.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know that everybody will get mad and retaliate and put on the hate by punishing America financially, but that won’t effect or affect Me or Mine. So, who cares ?”

“Yeah, yeah, we’ll weaken America and our Allies Economically and Socially, and that in the end, China will probably win, ’cause they already Own over a Trillion dollars of America’s National Debt.”

“All China has to do is pull that plug, and all of the Economies and Societies of the Western democratic Nations (and a few other Allies) will go down the tubes. Do you hear that sucking sound ?! China can then set whatever terms it wants to without America and her Allies being able to give a peep.”

“But we can always go to War. We can always Put Up Our Dukes and Puke the Nukes !”

“And of course, because I, Trumpty, am the King of America and the World, We will Win, and never have to spend one stinking dime paying anybody back. It‘s the way I, King Trumpty, have done Business my whole life.”

“In fact, Me and Mine, and my billionaire, trillionaire Weapon Making and Wall Street Shaking Pals will make a mint off of The Dukie Nukie War !”

“And a lot of the Animals I’m always referring to will be eliminated !”

“No more Russia Blues to boo-hoo and sweat over, because the World will be recovering from a Dukie Nukie Holocaust while Me and Mine, and our Pals and Buddies hide in the underground Bunker made for little ’ole Me and Mine, because I am the King of America and the World ! Yoo-hoo !”

“I’m even thinking about locking all of Congress out of the Bunker ! Who needs their worthless hides anymore after the Dukie Nukie War ?!”

“And the Immigrants will be French fried ! They’ll be toasted and roasted trash to throw out ! No more problem ! No more complaining about a Wall 60% of America didn’t want to waste their money on, because they wanted that money spent on Infrastructure and Healthcare instead ! They’ll all be out of my way ! Hey, hey ! What a day !

“And misogyny ? Who cares ? Because the Super Greedy, Needy Predators like Me will survive and thrive ! We will Own and Rule over it all ! It will be free and easy Pussy Cat grabbin’ time, any ’ole time, fellah’s ! Get ready to move and groove on the herd !”

“And as for Law and Order ? I Am the Law ! I Am the Order ! Yes, I, Trumpty am the Law and Order !”

“I am already busy knocking down all of the Laws and Order that Economically and Socially Protect the Pee-Ons, The Few, the Immigrants, the Minorities, the Ladies, the Children, the Elderly, the Environment and our Allies ! Who cares ?!”

“If I can make a Buck off of It or Them, all the better for Me and Mine, ‘cause I Am Trumpty ! I will do it because I Can ! I am the I Can Man ! I Am the Man with the Transactional and Fractional Plan !”

“Yeah, I could have done all of this better. I could have gotten all of America’s Allies together and worked out a Plan to get China to stop their thieving and cheating us all, and maybe even gotten help with our Debt to China.”

“I could have strengthened the West’s democracies hand against China so that We All could have come out with a pretty sweet deal.. But I want and need immediate Gratification ! I want and need all of the Credit ! Gotta’ have it !  Won‘t share it with anybody ! Not even that South Korean President whose primarily responsible for holding the Summit together anyways ! Just won‘t have it ! I must claim it All !”

“I could have made all of the Western democratic Bonds and Relationships stronger. Made the Western democracies more Secure and Cohesive, and strove for more and greater Human Rights in China, but naw ! Because, I don’t care !”

“And if I want to Pardon all of my Rich Friends and those I know will wind up being a poke in the eye to the Justice Department, I Will and Can do it ! Because I am the King of America and the World who is not afraid to Abuse and Misuse his Executive Powers, and weaken the Institutional Pillars of our Congress (which I have kow-towed and bowed unto Me), and Judicial Systems in order to get Me and Mine off of the investigative and criminal hooks, and just to be able to have My Own Way with everything, because I am the King !”

“President, King, who cares what you call me ? They are Transactional and Fractional titles that I like to Play with and move in and out of depending upon which Play part is needed ! Hee-hee ! Who cares ?!”

“Who cares if I do Business with the Russians to the ruination of America’s democracy ? Who cares ? It’s just a Global Business, and I am a Globalist Businessman pretending to be a Protectionist Nationalist who loves to build Walls over the Bodies and Children of Immigrants, causing all sorts of Cultural Havoc ! I Love Chaos ! I can manipulate Chaos, and manipulate those caught up in my Chaos ! It works for Me and Mine ! Who cares if it works or doesn’t work for you ?! Who cares ?!”

“Who cares about Collusion ? I’ll allude and conclude to Collude with anyone at any time I want to !”

“Who cares about White Collar crime or billionaires being good super Predatory Societal Breakers and
Takers ?  We are Special ! We never Apologize for any of our UnEthical Evil Doings, but we’ll darn sure wiggle our way out of our Crimes through My Power of the Pardon !”

“I will Pardon every fish in the sea if I want to, because I Am the Transactional and Fractional King of America and the World !”

“Arrest and Fine my Friends ?! Try to do it to Me and Mine ?! I’ll arrest and fine you ! I will demonize and ruin your reputation ! I will grind you into the gorund so deep that you will never be found !”

“I’ll fire you and have everybody else treat you the same, because I Am the Transactional and Fractional King of America and the World !”

“So, we’re gonna’ do it My Way ! Trade Skirmishes, Battles and War with everybody, where everybody in the West, including America loses !”

“Who needs democracies ?! They just get in the way of Corporate Autocrats like me ! Let’s take them down !”

“Boy, I could sure use a Big Mac. I’ve worked up quite an appetite being the Destroyer of Nations and the World Order !”

“Welcome to the Rise of Corporate Autocrats, Oligarchy Malarkey, and the Reality T.V. show that ends with a Big Bang Dukie Nukie Holocaust, and everybody dropping their drinks and popcorn in order to applaud and cheer The Donald - The Don of America and the World ! The Deal You Can’t Refuse !”

“How was that, Trumpian Minion ?! I, Trumpty, say that it was a pretty darn good Trauma Drama ! And Cut - Cut it - Cut Them All !


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