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Eureka: Open-ended talk on abortion, gay marriage and gun control
by Jay Gutman
2018-06-03 08:55:28
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If you ask me what my favorite alcoholic drink is I would say beer without a hesitation. I can drink that passover wine but wouldn't have a glass of wine on a regular day, and Kosher for passover beer is one of my favorite inventions. So without hesitation I would say beer. But when it comes to debating social issues, I'm not just for or against. I'm more complicated than that. So here are my two cents on debates surrounding abortion, gay marriage and gun control.

Abortion. The idea is you need to know what it is, why women do it before you can make claims for or against it. Medical abortions are as painful as giving birth, very painful but survivable, and unlike the past don't cause infertility and cause minor health concerns. But the problem is why would anyone want to get an abortion in the first place? And is a foetus considered a human being?

gun00001_400Let's answer the first question. When women get pregnant, they tend to want to keep the baby, no matter how shallow their relationship with the father of the baby may be or how reckless the sex was. Women tend to want to get abortions for three reasons. Either because they have addiction problems of some kind (drug or alcohol addictions) or because they want to hide their pregnancy from their families or loved ones, often because their families have conservative views on giving birth to a child out of wedlock, or because the women are socially isolated, have very few friends, have lost touch with their family members and have no one who could take care of their child, nor can they afford childcare. So those are the three main reasons women will want abortions. They will not just sleep around and seek to correct the pregnancy with an abortion.

There are some social complications, like families encouraging or forcing the woman to have an abortion, the father of the child encouraging or forcing the woman to have an abortion, or women who despite having comfortable means, a social network who can look after the child, no addiction problems and a family supportive of their pregnancy might want an abortion anyway. Other cases of abortions are mediacal abortions where the pregnancy is complicated and demands an abortion to safeguard the mother's health.

Now is a foetus a human being? That is if you give birth to a child and murder it, it is murder and you'd be in legal trouble. So if you have addiction problems, or would want to hide your pregnancy from loved ones, or would otherwise not be able to care for the child, would an aborition be considered the murder of a foetus? My personal position on that is if you have addiction problems, you want to check with the obstetrician whether your addiction problems would put the foetus' life in danger, and whether the pregnancy can go through without significant health complications, while seeking treatment for addiction recovery. As for hiding the pregnancy from your conservative family, I would consider a confession to the conservative family while either raising the baby or giving it up for adoption. The media should also be supportive or pregnancies that happen out of wedlock. Finally, if you don't have the means to support the child, I would suggest giving it up for adoption. If there are medical complications I think abortion should be legal, but I don't think it should be legal in cases of social or economic complications. In the United States, my humble opinion is that each state should be allowed to consider whether adoption be legal or not. 

As for gay marriage, I personally have no problems with same-sex relationships. Dating the same sex is not the same culture as dating people from the opposite sex, but often leads to similar situations, including living together, sharing wealth and being in a supportive relationship. But it is the dating culture itself that confuses me.

Infidelity in male-male relationships is incredibly higher than in opposite sex relationships or female-female relationships. Male-male relationships often don't have the same concept of closed marriage and tend to believe in open marriages. Furthermore ever since this same sex marriage became legal, you have had a lot of same sex marriages that were done for convenience purposes, that is to help a partner get legal citizenship or permanent residency within the country. That happens in relationships with the oppsite sex as well, but with same sex marriage has taken epidemic proportions. There are even schemses where people offer decent compensation in exchange for same-sex marriage, often immigrants from African, Latin American or South Asian countries who want to become permanent residency in Europe or North America. Sham same-sex marriages go as high as 30,000 US Dollars or more. There is also the case of business partners who enter fake same-sex marriages because married couples enjoy benefits when they do business together in some states.

As much as I'm not the kind of person who would say that you must legally be in love when getting married otherwise face penalties, I believe in partnership arrangements rather than same-sex marriage. That is, if I were to legislate, I would say you can enter in a love partnership, in a business partnership or perhaps in an immigrant sponsorship partnership (I'm still dubious about immigrant sponsorship partnerships) but gay marriage has not turned out to be what it's supposed to be. In the case of the United States, I would leave it to each state to decide whether gay marriage should be legal or not.

Gun control. A lot of Israeli soldiers, where military service is mandatory for both sexes, carry assault weapons and take them home during their service. Yet I have yet to hear about an Israeli soldier go on a shooting spree, partly because there are a few tests you have to take that determine whether you can carry that assault weapon or not. Those with morbid fetishes don't go around carrying guns. As much as I don't believe in bans against kitchen knives, cars, vans or trucks, I don't believe in banning guns or restricting access to guns, be it for hunting, protection or shooting range purposes. I do belive in psychiatric assessment before determining whether a person should be allowed to carry guns or not. As for safety measures, I believe in restricting areas from guns the same ways cars and trucks are not allowed on pedestrian streets.

Should school children be allowed to carry guns. No. I think adults should be allowed to carry guns, but I do think trained teachers should be allowed to carry guns for protection purposes, in case a student has a gun. I also believe professors in some universities should be allowed to carry guns for protection purposes. But I do firmly believe that psychiatric assessments should determine the morbidity levels of any person before being allowed to carry guns. If someone has a fascination with death, murder or believes some extra-judicial killings can be justified, I don't believe in those people's rights to carry guns. What about gun-related accidents? I also believe in psychiatric assessments assessing recklessness, as people who tend to be reckless or all over the place should not be allowed to carry guns.

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