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The Perceivers The Perceivers
by Jan Sand
2018-06-01 07:14:41
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The Perceivers

Although the physicist arrives
Arrayed in quantities,
And the astronomer
percie01Attired in tight precisions
Of the stars,
Do not infer
Estrangement from the world.
These are demands,
For immersion in the fluids
Of the universe.
They permit surrender
To salacious curves
Of the orbits of the planets.
From numbers are designed
Cunning snares to seduce
Evasive surfaces
From the emptiness
Of interstellar space.
Numbers alone,
Dispatched by metal travelers
Decode the thunder
Of distant crashing galaxies.
They waft the scent
Off the rings of Saturn
And their ballet
Through receptive minds
Flickers light and dark
From the two ends
Of Time.

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