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Excuse Me, But Did You Say That Masculinity is a Behavioral Dis-Order ? Excuse Me, But Did You Say That Masculinity is a Behavioral Dis-Order ?
by Leah Sellers
2018-05-11 04:48:40
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The Optometrist’s Office was filled to near capacity. But that appeared to make no difference to the tall, jocular gentleman speaking loudly into his smart phone.

“Yeah, I gotta’ sit here and look as though I’m doin’ somethin’ intelligent. Betty Jean is here to get her eyes operated on, too,” The Tall Man said loudly. “I’m getting’ my other eye done next week. They work miracles today with these new eye surgeries.”

“Listen, I’ll call you again sometime later today, Buddy. You, and your little lady have a good one, on me,” the Tall Man said as he disconnected from his phone conversation, and from one Reality to another.
Looking directly at the Woman sitting across from him, the Tall Man said, “Hi there, my name is John. You here for eye surgery ?”

“No sir, I drove someone else here for their post-op appointment,” the Woman answered politely.

muscu01_400“I saw her,” John remarked. “She your mother ?”

“No sir, she’s a client.”

“A client ? What are you ?”

Smiling the Woman said, “I’m a member of a Concierge and HomeCare Service, sir. “I’m a retired Teacher, and this occupation is more like a Vocation, as well. So, it’s a nice fit for me. And it gives me some time on the side to Write, create a little Art, and Sing from time to time.”

“Sounds like you keep busy.”

“I enjoy getting out and about every now and then, but I enjoy my Solitude, as well.”

“Well, you should be happy that you’re not Teaching anymore.”

“I Loved Teaching, sir,” the Woman answered definitively.

“That may be, but have you heard the latest news about what they’re Teaching out at the University of Texas ?” John asked pointedly.

“UT is a good school, sir.”

“It used to be. I’ll grant you that, but now they’re starting a class Teaching the kids that Masculinity is a Behavioral Dis-Order ! Some kind of Mental Dis-Order !” John said distastefully.

“Excuse me, sir, but that can’t be right,” the Woman said evenly. “No Rational person would Teach a class like that, particularly not at UT. That premise is nonsensical.”

“Nonsensical, is it ?” John repeated narrowing his eyes.

“I don’t mean to offend, sir, but who told you that ?” the Woman asked demurely.

“I heard it on the News.”

“The News ? The Local t.v. News ?”

“That’s right. The Local t.v. News.”

“Forgive my asking, sir, but did you hear it on the Local t.v. News or a Radio Talk Show ?”

“Well, come to think of it, it may have been on a Radio Talk Show.”

“Perhaps, they said Misogyny, and not Masculinity, because Misogyny is most definitely a Behavioral Dis-Order.”

“What’s Misogyny ?”

“Well, literally it’s a Hatred of Women, that can show up in many different ways. For instance, it can materialize as Men viewing Women as Property to be Owned by Men or Men viewing Women as Secondary purely Servile Creatures to be used and abused whenever and however they see fit.”

“No, that doesn’t sound right. My Radio Talk Show wouldn’t talk about that. I’m sure he said Masculinity is under attack, and being called a Mental Dis-Order,” John said shifting uncomfortably around in his stiff legged chair.

“Well, sir, Hatred can be an insidiously slippery thing. It can be as overt as Rape or as subtle as a Woman being paid than less than a Man for the same job, simply because she is a Woman.”

“No, no, I’m sure the Radio Man said, Masculinity is under attack,” John said more loudly and firmly.
“Well, sir, I must admit that I am completely baffled, because Masculinity is no more a Behavioral or Mental Dis-Order than Femininity.”

“All living creatures are molecularly and singularly set up to deal with various ranges and levels of Masculinity and Femininity their entire lives.” The Woman continued.

“The Masculine and the Feminine both Divinely and Naturally, are the Universal Cosmic and Earthly Yin and Yang. They’re like Light and Dark. They’re always doing an Energetic Dance with one another. One cannot exist without the Other. One Reflects off of the Other. And EveryOne Dances differently as Individuals as well as with Others.”

“And various Bondings, Connections and Un-Bondings and Dis-Connections create different and varying Energetic Actions and Re-Actions that Ripple and continue to Vibrate throughout Time and Space.”

“It’s all about Chemistry, Alchemy, Electro-Magnetic Gravitational Push and Pulls, Timing, Environments. So many different variables and factors, and zipping, zapping Energies that Move subtly or dramatically through EveryOne’s lives differently."

"That's why Tolerance and Universal Outreach, Understanding and Love are so important and essential as Worldwide Energies, because they are Stabilizers within all of LIfe's varying and various volatilities, and Alchemical Bondings, Connections, Mixtures....."

“I Love to Dance,” John interrupted unexpectedly, with a large smile full of memory and longing.

“Me, too, sir,” The Woman said with a warm smile of connection.

“What kind of Dancing do you do ?” John asked forthrightly.

“I Love it all, sir.”

“My wife and I have been learning to Country Western Dance since we moved to Texas,” John said, still smiling.

“That’s wonderful, sir.”

“Not meaning to be rude or anything, but how can you Dance with that Cane of yours ?” John asked earnestly.

“Well, sir, while EveryOne else is Dancing the Two-Step, I’m busy Dancing the Three-Step,” the Woman answered with a mischievous grin.

“Ha ! And I’ll bet you’re pretty good at it, too,” John said slapping his knee.

“Well, I give it my best,” the Woman answered agreeably.

“I’ll bet you do,” John winked, nodding his head in affirmation. “You know, maybe that Radio Man did say that word Misogyny. I’m glad you brought it up.”

“Thank you, sir, because there’s a whole Myriad of Variations of Dancing between the Energies of Masculinity and Femininity that take place Knowingly and UnKnowlingly, Inside and Outside of all of us each and every day that keeps the whole world a-Movin’-and-a-Groovin’,”

“Ha ! Well, after my eye surgery, I imagine I’ll be able to see most of that Movin‘-and-a-Groovin’ a little better,” John heartily proclaimed.

Smiling broadly the Woman said, “I imagine you will, sir. I imagine you will.”


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